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No Pity

No Pity are a crushing thrash metal band I urge you to check out the bandís My Space Page for some killer old school thrash and here is an interview with one of the members whose name escapes me at the moment:

MC: Let's get the typical question out of the way. How the band form and what did is the current line-up? Did any of the band members come from other bands?

NP: No Pity began in 2007 with the guitarist Martin and Simon the drummer. After some jams and a lot of alcohol Jeff the bassist joined the band and finally Anthony takes the lead vocal in 2008.

MC: What sort of style music would you say the band plays and what bands do you think you sound like most?

NP: We can say that No Pity is a mix of Heavy Thrash (Speed) and Death metal. We donít think that we sound like a band in particular but we are inspired by Canadian and German old school bands.

MC: The CD that you sent me. Is this your 1st release and what are your thoughts on it?

NP: Iron From Hell is our first release and we are proud of it, but it's sure that the next one will be better, because it's our first motivation, always give the best stuff more evil and destructive.

MC: How do you plan on going to promote the CD and what goals do you have for this release?

NP: We didn't start like we should have do, but we come back with more energy. We want to spread our metal from hell as far as we can. We hope you are ready to hear true metal.

MC: Do you get to play live a lot and who have you shared the stage with?

NP: We did some shows before the rehearsal of our demo and we played with Riotor, Skin Slicer, Soothsayer, Piledriver and recently Deathroner. We have been forced to stop a full year because our guitarist had trouble with his arms, but we come back in force and ready to fight.

MC: How did you come up with your name and were any other considered?

NP: At the beginning we were called Infernal War, but we wanted something more singular, so we chose No Pity because it simply means that we donít give any mercy to posers and the to ones who aren't defenders of metal.

MC: How has the response been to your My Space page and do you have any other websites?

NP: We can say that the Quebec City crowd is our nearest and loyal ones and we know that they like us but we receive some visit from U.S.A especially from California.

MC: Do you have any videos of the band posted anywhere, say like on You Tube?

NP: We have some bad quality videos of our shows; we donít hear and see anything. But some good videos will come soon.

MC: Is there a big metal scene where you are from up in Canada?

NP: We can talk to you about the Quebec metal scene because it is the one we know the most, we can say that it is going to get bigger because we have some warriors who are always there and ready to fight.

MC: Do many stores up in Canada carry underground music?

NP: The stores in Canada and in Quebec do not carry underground music, they only want to make money and forget the bases of metal.

MC: How does a song and lyrics come together?

NP: Every song is written by Martin or Jeff, after Simon put is touch on it and in the end comes the lyrics. When we started the band we were writing the lyrics all together but now Anthony writes them alone.

MC: How much time per week would you say is doing band related stuff? How many times a week do you practice?

NP: We are practicing all together 4 hours a week and we do maybe 30 minutes each day of promotion for the band. Of course every member is practicing at home.

MC: What do you do when youíre not doing band related stuff?


MC: When can we expect some new music?

NP: We have a lot of stuff in production and we will soon record an EP and maybe do a DVD of one of our next shows. Be patient it will come out soon.

MC: Did the CD come out as exactly as you hoped it would be?

NP: For sure it didnít came out as we hope because we were obligated to stop during a complete year and cancel the demoís release because of the health trouble of our guitarist but now we are coming back.

MC: Where do you see the underground music scene headed in the upcoming years?

NP: The true ones will always be there but new members will join the metal family and we think that the crowd and the metal scene is in good shape and is going to get bigger.

MC: If you could pick 3 cover tunes do play, what 3 songs would they be and why?

NP: For sure that we will pick Tormentor of Slayer and Thrash Attack Of Nocturnal because we already do it and these two songs are representative of who we are and what we are living. We would also take
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath of Black Sabbath because itís a part of the beginning of the metal we are listening today.

MC: Favorite concert you saw and why?

NP: Everyone has his own favorite concert. For sure that Slayer is one of them because it is the favorite band of our guitarist, Metallica for the same reason but for our drummer. Overkill and Destruction, for the bassist and the singer simply because they are legendary bands full of energy.

MC: How serious do you take the band and how big do you think the band can get?

NP: We are coming back in force after a long break. We are ready more than ever with all the efforts we put on No Pity we know that this time will be the right one and we also plan to do a tour soon.

MC: How have the reviews been so far and how did you come up with the cover for it?

NP: We didn't have a lot of reviews, but the one we receive were always great. We wanted something simple and violent for our demo cover and made by a great friend of us.

MC: Would you ever want this release to come out on vinyl?

NP: Yes, for sure and maybe every release we will make it if possible. We think that a vinyl is a lot better than a CD because it sound better and it is the spirit of every great metal release.

MC: Do you have a favorite song?

NP: Itís a hard question to answer because it is always changing but there is some that we like more than others Tormentor of Slayer, Whiplash of Metallica, Iron Maiden and Phantom Of The Opera of Iron Maiden.

MC: I am out of questions. Horns up for the interview, plug any merchandise do you have any also any last words.

NP: Donít forget that new stuff is coming soon and have also merchandises on sale on our MySpace page www.myspace.com/nopitythrash. You better to buy our demo if not Simon will crush your fucking metal head. GET READY TO FIGHT FOR FUCKING THRASH METAL FROM HELL!