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Nocturnal Fear

Nocturnal Fear is a crushing thrash metal band that recently released their 5th album and I got in touch with band member Chris for an interview and below is what he said to my questions and if you’re into REAL old school thrash then check these guys out after you read my interview:

MC: Let’s get the typical question out of the way and we will move on. Give me a quick history of the band and what is the current line-up of the band nowadays?

Chris: The band was started 11 years ago by me. Our 5th album EXCESSIVE CRUELTY comes out Aug 30th. The line-up is me on guitar my name Slavehunter was given to me by Charles Manson due to my hatred for this slave state government we live under, this was during the time James Mason was writing the book-Siege.Devastator on vocals, Witchhammer on drums, and Warmonger on bass. As always I wrote the music, Devastator and I did the lyrics.

MC: Has the band gone through many line-up changes before getting to the current line-up and did any of you come from any other bands worth noting?

CHRIS: This is not "retro" music. We are not part of the trendy "thrash revival". We didn't get into Metal last week; we pay respect, and play from the heart. I have a notorious past, but NF is my main gig. I never played in some pop punk ska band, and one day decided to be all metal and hate the world. I played guitar for a band that would smash your skull and stomp your brain. A couple of our guys went to prison, that’s when I started NF. NF IS NOT A RACIST BAND.

MC: How did you come up with your name and were any other names considered?

CHRIS: The name comes from 2 places. First, it is a title of a song from Morbid Tales. Second it is from the Original Conan movie, where Thulsa Doom tells his men to make their enemies fear the night and to fear the darkness, by killing and terrorizing them. It didn't come from, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER!

MC: Give me your thoughts on each of your releases so far, except the new one, and are you proud of all the music you have put out so far?

CHRIS: Every cd will melt your face off, and turn your skeleton into baby powder. This isn't a Metal boy band. We didn't sign with "Weasel" records. We are serious METALLERS and this is our life. All these lady boy trendy cock suckers and their record labels can eat a log of my shit. Fuck yeah I’m proud; we've earned the respect of TRUE METALLERS! That’s ALL we care about. Look, this isn't slayer-we don't go on stage in shorts and flip flops and LA Raiders sports jerseys. Read the lyrics to Denim and Leather by SAXON that’s MY life, not shorts and flip flops.

MC: Now you have a new release out on Moribund Records. How did the music for this release come together, was it fairly easy? How was it going into the recording studio this time round and were they any problems or did things move rather smoothly?

CHRIS: I write all the music. I hate all forms of music except Metal. So it comes easy, that’s where my heads at. Recording sucks, I hate it.

MC: How did you come up with the name for your latest release and was any other names considered?

CHRIS: Our singer came up with the title.

MC: Do you plan on doing any touring for this release and do you think you’re a good live band and are there any live videos of the band floating around on say You Tube or places like that?


MC: Does the band go out and promote themselves via places like Facebook, Twitter, etc? What do you think of sites and do you think bands these days have to have sites like these to promote themselves with so many bands and labels around these days?

CHRIS: It’s a necessary evil. Personally I don't have a computer, smart phone, I pod, cable TV, credit cards, the feds track you with that and are turning thoughts into digital code, it’s called Kryptos.

MC: How are things going with Moribund Records and how many more albums are you signed with them for? Do you help them at all with promotion for the band? Are there any things that the band plans on doing with this new release so you don't get lost in the shuffle so to speak?

CHRIS: They are pros. We give them music, they promote it.

MC: Do you feel the underground is now too overexposed with way too many bands and labels and all these social sites that make it difficult for the good and great bands to get noticed? Do you wish in some ways that the underground would go back to being the underground?

CHRIS: The True Metallers know who to support. The fun-derground is for weak minded people going through their rebellious phase, they should be killed.

MC: Tell me how a song comes together and what was the hardest song so far for you guys to write and play and are lyrics important to the band?

CHRIS: 11 years in you don't go fucking around with the colonel’s formula. We have the process down tight.

MC: If you could pick any 4 bands to go on the road with to make it a 5 band tour who would the other 4 bands be and why?

CHRIS: Any True Metal bands.

MC: Do you have unreleased stuff like old demos or cover tunes that you did or some good live recordings that may see the light one day?


MC: Does the band have any short term or long term goals for yourselves?

CHRIS: Touring and writing the next Cd.

MC: Do you think illegal downloading of music and Ipods has hurt bands in a big way?

CHRIS: I live in my own world, in it this is not a crisis for me.

MC: What do you think of bootlegs and what would you do if you ever saw a cool bootleg of the band via a CD or a t-shirt?

CHRIS: I wouldn't care.

MC: Speaking of, what merchandise does the band have for sale?

CHRIS: You can get shirts at nocturnalfearwarmetal on reverb nation.

MC: In your ears and eyes what makes a great song? Do you listen for more the vocals or the hook in the song or a combo of both?

CHRIS: Both, but the key is to know what sounds bad. That way you put your best work out.

MC: What is your opinion on all this happy metal shit that is going on nowadays with bands playing all this happy jump metal thrash with deathcore/tough guy vocals?

CHRIS: Happy has no place in Metal, you can't smile without any teeth, we kill that happy shit. The tuff guy stuff is homo erotic posturing by (bi?) guys in the closet to make up for lack of musical talent.

MC: Is there a good metal scene in MI and is there any good metal stores in your area or do you just buy stuff via mail order? What do you think of sites like EBAY and Amazon?

CHRIS: We are the Metal Kings of MI. I am not part of the scene, or ever will be. Other bands have their "boys" they practice cock sucking on each other and their butt buddies. The stores we support are Rock of Ages and Blackened Moon.

MC: Is there any old stuff you would like to see re-released on CD that is not on CD currently?

CHRIS: All our back catalog.

MC: Plug any websites you have.

CHRIS: I think we have My Face and Space Book, and Reverb Nation and www.moribundcult.com

MC: Have you found a permanent bass player now?

CHRIS: Yes, Warmonger.

MC: I am out of questions. Horns up for the interview and any last words the floor is yours.

CHRIS: I am schizophrenic, disabled, un able to work on social security, I can’t integrate into society. if anyone reading this has mental health issues, get help, there are good people out there, medication to help balance you out. "would you like a vision of the future-imagine a boot stomping the human face, for eternity" 1984 "on animal farm all animals are equal, it’s just that some are more equal than others" Animal Farm