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Necromonicon have release a crushing new thrash album called Invictus and I send the band an email interview and band member Freddy answered my questions.

MC: How does this new release on Massacre Records come to be? What made you decide to sign with Massacre? How many releases did you have before this new release?

FREDDY: Well at first it was so important for me to go back to a German label. So I'll send a promo cd to Massacre Rec. The rest was a formality and all happened very quickly. Massacre was also on my favorite list and so I'm really happy that the deal worked out. Invictus“ is the 7th official release.

MC: What is the current line-up of the band and how many of the members were around for the older releases?

FREDDY: I formed the band in the 80y´s and I´m the last “One” of this area. Nowadays I got fantastic guys, who help me to bring NECRONOMICON to where it belongs. Andy Gern, my second guitarist, Klaus Enderlin on drums and Andi Nail on bass. It’s an honor for me to work with these guys.

MC: When you were preparing to go into the studio to record your new album what was the vibe of the band like and did everything in the studio go pretty smoothly? How easy was it to write some songs for this release?

FREDDY: I wrote the songs in spring of this year. After a very successful year across Europe, I finally found the time to write it and produce it simultaneously. That was a new experience for us, cause we didn´t got the time to practice each song for a long time. I have decided purely on instinct, how to realize each song. This was really cool. So I could create a very authentic atmosphere. It sounds simple round together and coherent, without losing their thrash roots. In addition to the outstanding work by sound master Achim Köhler, the album is kickin ass.

MC: How did the cover of the new release come about?

FREDDY: This decision came from the label. They work with a very talented graphic designer. Jan has taken up the issue of “Invictus” and so the cover was created.

MC: Do you have to be in a certain mood to write and record this style of music? For those who haven't heard the band, what would you say you sound like?

FREDDY: This is not always so easy. I'm trying, NECRONOMICON remain faithful to its own style. I do not want to give current trends. Otherwise there is some risk to drift there. For me "the old school style" is still the measure of all things; in combination with modern influences. But I don´t try to let myself be inspired by other bands. Although you cannot completely avoid, I know, but I got my inspiration of movie sounds. Sounds strange, but it´s true. We got our own style.

MC: How has the response to the new release been so far? I was totally blown away by it as it is classic thrash with tons of killer riffs and speed.

FREDDY: Thanks man! I've been expected consistently positive responses, but that causes of response... wow, it´s amazing. I'm really happy about it. It goes down like oil and is the best confirmation of my work that I can get at all. Many thanks to all!

MC: What are you thoughts on your early release nowadays? Are they out of print or can people still get them?

FREDDY: Well I think you can the first albums on Ebay or by Amazon. I don´t know it exactly, cause it´s not in my hands unfortunately. I´m thinking´ about a re-release of the first 3 albums. Maybe we can realize it.

MC: Is there any unreleased stuff lying around that might see the light day one day? Have you seen any bootlegs of the band either on CD or a shirt and what do you think of bootlegs?

FREDDY: No, I don´t have unreleased stuff. Well, I´m a big fan of bootlegs and I hope if “Invictus“ sales well, we can make a bootleg of this album, too. We will see.

MC: Do you plan on doing any type of touring and do you like to play live? Have you ever played any live shows in the US and if not, do you hope someday to get to play a show or 2 here?

FREDDY: Well, last year we played in Prague. It was fantastic. And yes, we are planning a big South-America-& South-Africa tour, but I hope we can come back to Czech Rep. and other eastern countries. The people there are amazing.

MC: How did you come up with the band name and do you have any regrets with the name and maybe wished it was something different?

FREDDY: Unfortunately the name is not protected by law. So there are some other bands, they move with our awareness like the Canadian Necronomicon. That bugs me enormously. The basic idea was to find a name that is not as clichéd. We did not expect that it will be so many imitators.

MC: I know the underground has changed from many years ago; do you have sites like on Facebook, My Space, etc.? If so plug any websites that you have.

FREDDY: Well, our homepage is: www.necronomicon.eu.

The facebook site is: http://www.facebook.com/necronomiconofficial

and Myspace is: http://www.myspace.com/possessedbythrash

MC: Where do you see the underground scene in 5 years? Do you think there will even be CDs and that everything will be download this and download that?

FREDDY: I think that the scene is changing. The fans should be returned to its original value to CD, vinyl or bootlegs. That goes in the right direction.

MC: Are you a fan of vinyl and are any of your releases on vinyl?

FREDDY: Yes, I´m a big fan of vinyl. It reminds me of the 80y´s. And yes, our first album is on vinyl as a special edition; worldwide only 666 as a gold, silver and platinum edition. And “Revenge of the Beast“ is on vinyl, too.

MC: Do you have a favorite song of the band and a least favorite or do you pretty much like all the songs you have recorded?

FREDDY: “Invictus“ and “Upon Black Wings“ are my favorites. But man, for me, all these songs are fantastic. I´m proud of this album, really. And I hope all the guys there like it, too.

MC: How far would you like to see the band go and do you have any goals as a band?

FREDDY: I am very optimistic that we create the perfect match. We got a great new label and the last publications were stunning/ overwhelming, yes. I think we are on a good way and with the help of our loyal fans we also create all that we have set ourselves.

MC: Do any of the band members hang out with each other when you are not doing band related stuff? FREDDY: Yes, but two of my guys got a family and well of course it´s obvious that they spend their time with it. We'll we see us at least 300 days a year...that´s a lot.

MC: What are some of your more cherished memories of the band from back in the day?

FREDDY: The first Russian tour after the release of “Revenge of the Beast“. We felt like the biggest rock stars, because we played in the biggest halls and stadiums and the fans their gone wilder as you can imagine. This was so fantastic, absolutely amazing.

MC: What do you do with yourself when you not doing band related stuff?

FREDDY: Making new songs, working for the bands success, promote the band and work with my booking agencies to got concerts in all over the world. The normal way of any musician. In winter I try to find time for snowboarding. And I have a dog. This lady wants to go out day by day.

MC: I am out of questions. Horns up for the interview and any last words the floor is yours.

FREDDY: We got more than 25 years dedicate thru this kind of music, we got heaven and we got hell in this area, believe me, but only this fucking noise of this music let us be alive. Thanks again for your interest in us. It was an honor for me. Thrashy greeting Freddy.