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Necrodemon is a black and death metal band from Indiana. This is the band that formed after Lordes Werre fell apart. I have reviewed three of their cd's now and wanted to give them an interview. Here is Rob Elliott from Necrodemon:

MC: The 1st usual boring question. How did the band form and did the band go through many members to get to the current line up. What is the current line up and how well do you get along with each other?

RE: Not a boring question at all! Necrodemon formed in the end of 1998. The line-up we have now is the original line-up. Jeremy the bassist did leave for a small time, but is back to stay. Chuck the drummer also fell out for a short period of time but we remain. This has always been the way the band should be. This line-up is the most METAL!

MC: I know you have a new release coming out. Tell us a bit about it and what label is it going to be on and how did you end up getting signed and are you worried that the release is available for download that maybe not many will actually purchase the cd and just keep the download version.

RE: The new album is "Ice Fields of Hyperion". This is a concept album. It is our best work to date and probably the coldest and darkest thing you've heard in a long time! Open Grave Records is our new label. They are doing a great job promoting us and helping us out with shows and such. James from Open Grave found us on myspace. As far as downloads or cd's, I don't care either way. We just want to bang our heads and write killer fucking metal.

MC: How would you describe the band to somebody who has never heard you.

RE: We are Black Metal, Thrash Metal, and Death Metal all together. We are old and new school. Every song has a different hellish vibe to it. Dark and Dangerous!

MC: FInish this question, somebody should buy your cd because:

RE: Because we offer alot to many different fans and we never sound the same all the way through an album. We are opposed to letting it get boring or catergorized. We create dark themes in many ways.

MC: How do you plan on promoting the release?

RE: Chuck and I do alot of mailing out packages like the old way of promotion in the underground. Open Grave Records is also taking over alot of this for us. Jeremy does alot of online promotion as do I in my spare time. We plan on touring soon.

MC: Tell me a little bit about each band member and their musical tastes.

RE: Chuck is a black metal freak. He usually drinks beer and listens to black metal bands on vinyl. He loves to watch horror films and cook out on the grill. Jeremy tends to stay with death metal and old school thrash. You will find him always in his basement listening to metal and smoking weed. Right now Jeremy has been working on his house alot. I personally like eveything but power metal and pretty shit. I cannot stand gay ass sounding music. I can listen to black, thrash, and death. I love to go to shows and bang my head and get fucked up! I watch alot of horror films as well and work on computers while drinking Heineken. Right before we rehearse, we usually sit down and listen to Angelcorpse or Pestilence, and sometimes old Slayer. Hell, we listen to demo cassettes from the 90's in my van on the way to our shows! The last one was Dr. Shrinker. Anyone remember them?

MC: Rob I know you do some web mastering and stuff. Tell me a bit about that.

RE: Yep. I went to school here in Indiana for it. I do it part-time to supplement my income. When I started out it was shaky, but now I am getting alot better at design and selling myself to clients. Any band or label, or magazine that needs a site, can get a hold of me here.

MC: How did you come up with your name and the name of your new release.

RE: Necrodemon was a name chosen by all of us. I know there was a movie out but we came up with this on our own and did not know about the film until later. I also know there was a Necrodemon from Chile but I guess they are way gone. Never knew about them either until later. The album title was from Chuck. We were trying to think of a name that would entail all of the songs and their cold and dark meaning and when he blurted it out, we loved it.

MC: Are you still proud of your old releases and will they continue to be for sale?

RE: Of course I am proud of our old stuff. They are available from us now and will be re-released by Open Grave. "Haunted Eons", our first album, is so old school. Jeremy and I love it. "Allegiance to the End", well what can I say? That title is our life code about staying true to metal. Fuck everything else. Hellfire forever!

MC: Tell us a bit about your website. What is the url and what can people find there when they log on.

RE: Cold and Grim Death, Black, and Thrash Metal. I guess is the best way to describe it. I try to make our site as easy to navigate as possible and have everything updated and as current as I possibly can. www.necrodemon.com

MC: Do you listen to a lot of the newer bands and do you feel like me that a lot of them lack passion, emotion and feeling when it comes to writing and playing songs and they are just looking for that groove/dance part so people can mosh to their music?

RE: Man, there are alot of new bands we like and there alot of new bands we cannot stand. I went and saw Necrophagist not too long ago and was blown away! Always loved their stuff! But the other bands that played were in my opinion, just trendy shit. Chuck buys alot of newer stuff and there are some that are killer and some that are terrible. This question is kind of hard to answer.

MC: How do you guys go about writing and composing a song? How hard was it coming up with songs for the new cd and tell me about the cover and what it means.

RE: Songwriting is not that hard for us. I do alot of it and take it to Jeremy and Chuck and wait for their reaction. They also write some stuff and we either agree on it or trash it. Sometimes books or movies will inspire us, other times it just comes out naturally. Our new album cover is an image of Hyperion. It is a place of cold, constant winter and all the things that envelope it. This album was a bit challenging lyrically as it is hard to stay on one generalized subject matter. But I think it came out fucking awesome and we are damn proud of it forever.

MC: Do you ever think that one day the band can become a full time thing where your making money at it?

RE: Dude, we are so hungry for that right now it is not even funny!

MC: Do you get to play live much and what are some of the bands you have played with any would you post any live videos on your website.

RE: We play live as much as possible. Lately we have played with Exodus, Celtic Frost, Full Blown Chaos, 1349, Psychomancer, and alot of underground bands. The show with Skullview last year was great. We also have alot of shows coming up. We look forward to playing with some of the Open Grave Records bands.

MC: What do you think of myspace and do you have a page there?

RE: I am going to reserve my comments about myspace. Yes we do have a page. It is just simply http://www.myspace.com/necrodemon.

MC: Did you send your stuff out to many places for reviews and stuff and what was the feedback like? Do you feel most people reviewed your fairly?

RE: The reviews we have recieved so far are awesome and fair. I never read a shitty review except the one you did of "Incipit Fear". Thanks Chris, HA HA. Open Grave Records will be getting alot more reviews for us real soon.

MC: If you could start your own label and sign 5 bands who would they be and why?

RE: Immortal just because they simply rule, Immolation is and always will be bad ass, Vader has kicked our ass since 1992 demo days, Psychomancer because they are our best friends, we love playing shows with them and enjoy their music, and finally Angelcorpse if they really get back together because "The Inexorable" is....fuck I can't even put it into words! I would love to raise Euronymous and Dead from the grave and record their new album! Shit, I would sign Darkthrone and Satyricon as well.

MC: Where do you see the scene heading in the next 2 and 5 years?

RE: It is either going to blow wide open or fade away forever. Right now it is between.

MC: What do you think of webzines and the lack of print fanzines nowadays?

RE: I am way bummed out about not having alot of magazines laying around anymore. I do like webzines and in this day and age it is obviously the new way but it is not as cool as it used to be. Online stuff is great but I do like to hold a magazine and read it.

MC: How is the scene in your area? Do many touring bands play nearby and are the shows crowded?

RE: Our local scene for metal is mostly null and void. We pretty much are the only band locally doing what we do. Occasionally something comes through but not very often. We usually go to Chicago to see shows. When we have played in Detroit it was always cool. Any metal show around here locally is put on by us and we bring bands out. There are a few true metalheads around here.

MC: Would you ever put videos of the band on youtube or video outlets, why or why not?

RE: We have one on Google Videos. You can view it here: Feed the Worms Video.

MC: Do you have a fan base overseas and will the new cd be for sale over there?

RE: I think our fanbase overseas is steadily growing. Our cd's are available to anyone anywhere.

MC: What stuff is for sale on your website?

RE: Shirts, Stickers, our discs. Take a look for yourself. Mailorder or Online Purchase.

MC: What would you like the band to be remembered by and what hopes or goals do you have for this release?

RE: We want to be remembered as true and the band that did not care about anything but metal. Hopes and goals? Well, tour and make more albums. Write even better and darker songs than in the past. We are headbanging motherfuckers.

MC: Any last words. The floor is yours. Thanks for doing this interview Rob.

RE: Thanks Chris. Always cool to hear from you and be a part of Metal Core. The USA needs to let metal dominate again and we want to be a big part of it. Take a minute to look at our label. Open Grave Records and go to our site and see what is up! Zombie and horror films forever!

Open Grave Records

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Rob Elliott - Vocalist and Guitarist