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Here is a new and current interview with Rob Elliott of Necrodemon:

MC: Rob congrats on the new CD. It is great. How did you and the band come up with the new songs for the disc and are you happy with the way it turned out?

RE: Yes we are happy as fuck for the way our new EP came out! We aimed for dark and angry metal and we feel we achieved it. It is full of hatred. The new songs came as the material always does for us, from the heart. We feel it, we write it. Lyrically and musically Necrodemon has ALWAYS wrote what comes naturally. Once again we stand proud and on our own doing what most bands don’t dare to do. We suffer sometimes for being so diverse and different but we are not going to change. We also don’t care about trends and fads. We are Necrodemon and not copycats or followers. “Reclamation of the Stygian Throne” is filled with energy and is bad ass from start to finish. The band spent a lot of time perfecting the songs. The subject matter of our new disc is very dark and dangerous. We produced the EP with a feel of old death metal magic in mind.

MC: I know you had some problems with your old label Open Grave Records. Did this problem ever get solved and what exactly did he do to you and do you know if this same problem happened to other bands?

RE: The funny thing here is Open Grave Records and Necrodemon used to be really cool on all levels. They started really promoting us and working to help the band. In return, Necrodemon was working hard to promote the label and followed through with all the guidelines and expectations they put forth. It was a symbiotic business relationship. Then all of a sudden Open Grave Records changed their line up, their style, and their staff. Once this happened, Necrodemon and a few other bands were shunned, shut out, and completely wiped off the label. Personally, I did not care but the problem was that we signed contracts with them for sales, distribution, and studio recording agreements. Once the change happened, we lost everything and are still fighting to get our stuff back on digital distribution levels. It shouldn’t have happened this way but if it’s a war they want, THEY CAN FUCKING HAVE IT! I have been really professional with them from the start and I end up getting the shit end of the stick. I don’t think so! James Mattern, Rob of Necrodemon is now your enemy. Beware!

MC: You have told me in the past that you would love somebody to put a 7" out of the band. Why do you want this and what songs would be on it?

RE: It would just be a dream come true for Necrodemon to have 7” vinyl out. We actually recorded two songs for this purpose as Open Grave Records promised to release it for us. Of course the label never followed through. I am not even slagging on them, just being honest. So yes we have material specially recorded for a 7”. The songs are a previous version of “Black Hell Apocalypse” and “Chant of Making 6”. This was another frustration created because my instrumentals have always been planned out and came out in sequence. “Chant of Making 7” is on our new EP, “Reclamation of the Stygian Throne”. Now one of them is out of order to be heard. Anyways, the songs are waiting release and I hope someone will press a 7” for us. They have that old death metal magic feel to them.

MC: How did the band come up with its name?

RE: We actually were called Lordes Werre at the very beginning. Lordes Werre was my previous band. I found out that the band name and all my music had been stolen from me and had to exact my revenge. We kicked around names for a couple of weeks and came up with Necrodemon meaning the demon of death. It fit perfectly. Once we had the name we finished up our demo in the summer of 1999. The band actually formed in 1998 and we rehearsed in a dingy old basement. We wrote “…Mechanical Death” there and started working on “The Asp”.

MC: You also do websites, including mine. How did this come about and what other websites have you done in the past and also would you be up for doing other label's/bands websites if they needed somebody?

RE: I learned html and website design in college. I have done a lot different sites for business firms, bands, labels, and art sites. I did not do the initial designs for both of your sites Chris but I do enjoy adding all the content and yes I am up for any website work. Also our new bassist, Travis Rose is great at web design and flash work. Both of us are available for work.

MC: I know you are also filming a video for a song. What song is it and when can we expect to see this video?

RE: The video is for “Feral and Unbound”. The video will be available by Fall 2010. I wish I could discuss it but I want to save it for the sheer shock and surprise. I’ll just say that this clip is going to be bad ass and very shocking!

MC: How would you describe your music to somebody who has never heard your band?

RE: Dark Death Metal with Black Metal and Thrash Metal mixed in. We probably sound like a band from the earlier days. We were influenced by the 80’s and 90’s very heavily. I do a lot of vocal styles so be prepared for something a bit different. One song we are total old school thrash, then next we almost go completely black metal, then we turn it around again and do death metal. We try to keep it interesting. Every song is different. We don’t have a set format.

MC: Do you feel as I do, that the scene now is polluted with way too many band bands and that it makes it harder for other bands to get noticed?

RE: Of course I do. I feel it has always been hard on the true bands to get noticed and any attention. Nowadays it is ever harder. The Internet is great for some things but it has destroyed the once sacred underground. Anyone and their Mom can record a song on the computer with drum software and put it up on Myspace. I don’t want to come off like an asshole here because there are plenty of bands I have found on the Internet and they are great. But overall, yes I agree that the metal scene has become very polluted. Or maybe I am just a stickler for what I grew up on and am not willing to bend to the winds of change. Who knows? All I do know is that the ratio of good bands versus bad bands is not as it used to be.

MC: Do you get to play live much and is there any kind of metal scene where you are based out of?

RE: Ha Ha Ha! That is funny Chris! Our metal scene here is not existent and terrible. We are from Northern Indiana. We and a few other bands are the only existence of a scene here at all. There are a few metal heads here but they are far and few. Locally we are shunned, persecuted, and banned. Most people from our area are utterly terrified of us and our music and they should be! Record stores around here mostly do not have hardly any metal at all. Large venues here won’t even have bands like KISS. Yes we do play live as often as we can. There are only a few venues locally we can perform at so we are forced to play other areas. The Chicago scene has always been cool to us as has the Detroit area. We do have a mighty allegiance with our brothers in Psychomancer out of Michigan City, IN. We do go out there often and jam with them.

MC: How does a song and lyrics come together?

RE: Lyrics come to me pretty naturally. I just sit down and write when the black clouds in my mind begin flowing. When writing the music, I spend a lot of time putting riffs together and make sure that changes fit together and have a feel for the ideas of the character of the song and theme. When I have all the guitar parts finished, I put the lyrics to them and edit them as needed to fit. Once this process is done I take the song to Dustin and give him a basic idea of what I want for drums and then let him fill in the rest. Once we have a skeleton of the new song done, we practice the hell out of it until we perfect it. We work really hard nowadays to make sure all parts are satisfactory. Once again we write what just comes to us. I do 90% of the writing but the other 10% comes from other band members.

MC: Tell me a little bit about each one of your releases and your thoughts on them now?

RE: Great question! Here we go:

Deadly Demo 1999: We recorded this in a basement to finally get some of our songs heard. I feel that this recording was perfect for the time. We had a lot of fun making this demo and had a lot of beer during the recording ha ha! It’s as old school as it gets. I refuse to make it available on any format but cassette as to keep it’s integrity.

Haunted Eons: This was our first full length. We recorded it at the same studio where Lordes Werre did all of their studio sessions. It’s classic Necrodemon. It’s very thrashy and Death Metal at the same time. We had a lot of fun covering “Evil Dead” by Death. Definitely not our best work but definitely the best start as the band could offer. “The Summoning” became a classic song.

Allegiance to the End: Second full length album. This was probably the album that defined the Necrodemon sound and attitude. We became our own entity on this cd. The band matured musically, lyrically, and definitely became more dark and evil. These songs also were the first Necrodemon tunes to have a character of their own. We started using thirds on this album as well. The solos were way more thought out this time. Vocally I did strong and proud on this release.

Ice Fields of Hyperion: Third full length and first concept album. We focused in on the winter and the cold. From beginning to end, this album is frigid! Every song, lyric, riff, and sound effect was inspired by freezing weather conditions and all we could imagine for it. Northern Indiana gets very extreme in the winter and we let it influence us. And as a side note to all the people that talk shit about us: We did this because we wanted to and not to be like Immortal. We do not copy bands or styles we do what comes naturally. I added black metal style vocals on this release.

Reclamation of the Stygian Throne: New EP. These songs define the new Necrodemon. We focused in on hate. This release shows Necrodemon’s rage and aggression. During the writing period of these songs a lot of anger and vengeance was building up in the band. This disc surely is not for the meek or faint of heart. We are proud of it. When you listen to “Reclamation” you just want to break shit and kill people! It will make you head bang.

MC: Does the band have any goals for themselves?

RE: Yes we all have goals for the band and personally. We all want the band to continue in the direction of getting betting and doing better. We all have personal goals to do better in life. All three of us would like to make Necrodemon our full time job. We all want our families to do well.

MC: Do you think all this downloading of music is killing or helping bands in the long run?

RE: That all depends on where you download from. It also depends on if the band or musician made the tracks available for sharing on purpose. If you download from I Tunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, or other sites where the songs are purchased, then no it does not kill the music scene and it does help. If you download songs and albums from torrent sites and mp3 sharing sites then yes it does hurt the bands.

MC: Where do you see the underground scene in 5 years from now?

RE: Hopefully it will get back to the way it is supposed to be and not end up in the toilet.

MC: Are there any new bands that have tickled your fancy so to speak lately?

RE: New bands no. New albums from older bands yes. I haven't heard any new bands since 2006 that I like. But there may be some out there I have missed. I can't stay up on the scene as much as I used to.

MC: How has the feedback been on the new CD so far?

RE: So far we have received nothing but great feedback. All of our close friends have told us that the disc is fucking awesome. Our peers in Psychomancer love our new material. Everyone so far has said that Necrodemon put out a slab of hate upon the world!

MC: How did you end up on that Slayer cover's Cd and did that help the band out at all?

RE: The owner of Russia’s Slayer Fan club got a hold of us on Myspace and asked us to participate. We replied with “Fuck Yeah we will do it!” I am sure it helped the band out in Russia and a few other places in Europe. I am not sure how they promote the disc but it was an honor to be on it and was cool to record “Black Magic”. I love “Show No Mercy”.

MC: Do you have a favorite Necrodemon song and why?

RE: Yes I do. “Feral and Unbound” is my favorite Necrodemon song. I love playing this song live, at practice, and love listening to it at home. This song has my favorite lyrics and riffs. It has a lot of character to it. I am obsessed by lycanthropy and it just means everything to me.

MC: Tell me a little bit about the other band members and do you all get along pretty much?

RE: Yes we all get along. I mean as with any kind of relation between people there are arguments and pissed off attitudes sometimes but for the most part we all get along. Remember we are talking about three pissed off metal heads all in the same room ha ha! We are all cool guys but I wouldn’t fuck with us! Dustin Mock is a really good drummer. I have been impressed with him a lot lately. He is a younger guy and into some of the newer bands that I don’t necessarily agree with but that is what makes him Dustin. He loves metal and loves to have some beers. He is a bit of a jokester and quite a character. Travis Rose our brand new bassist is the type of guy who is a surprise. You always would under estimate him. He’s the quiet type who is the dangerous guy to watch out for! Travis is a very intelligent guy. He also just loves metal! We all do. It is our life.

MC: Tell me why somebody should buy a CD from your band?

RE: Because Necrodemon is tried and true. We are different than every other band in the scene. We do it all. We do all styles and have a lot to offer musically and lyrically. We are a good band live and anything on a cd we can do it live. We never rely on studio tricks or magic. What you hear on disc is what you get on stage. Necrodemon is original and never is predictable. We put a lot of hard work into creating our music. Research on all of the lyrical content is done and Necrodemon constantly gets better through time. Every release shows more aggression, intelligence, writing abilities, and thought. I am a metal head and if I was not in Necrodemon, I would like our band and listen to us. It’s head banging music.

MC: If there any other material you have lying around that might see the light of day in the next year or so?

RE: Yes. We have a few songs recorded from different times when we were at the studio. We are going to eventually get this stuff released and the disc will be called, “Server of the Damned”. We have two songs from right after the Allegiance sessions, one song done in 2005, one live track recorded from 2003, a tune never released from the Hyperion album, and a few surprises! Hopefully this material will be out in a couple of years.

MC: What does Necrodemon mean to you?

RE: Necrodemon is our life. Allegiance to the End.

MC: Plug any websites or merchandise that you have for sale?

RE: Necrodemon Official site: www.metalcorefanzine.com/Necro

Necrodemon Myspace: www.myspace.com/necrodemon

Necrodemon merch: www.metalcorefanzine.com/Necro/order.html

Necrodemon on I Tunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/necrodemon/id74102169

Short Notice Productions: www.shortnoticeproductions.com

MC: Any last words? Horns up as always for the interview.

RE: As always Chris, you fucking rule. We appreciate all the things you do for the band and Necrodemon is now managed by you so you command us in ways! Horns up to you and thanks to all the true metal heads out there that understand Necrodemon and follow us. Necrodemon thank all of our fans and those who have supported us. Once again we will remind the world that we have no time and do not care about drama, bullshit, games, talking shit, and stupidity. We only care about metal and the fires of Hell.