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Motive is a killer thrash band out of Arizona. Here is a long overdue interview with Steve from this great band.

MC: Steve, long time no hear. How have you been? First off, what have you  been up too?

SB: Doing fine Chris.  Well Motive has been running non-stop since June of 1999 and we just re-grouped from our first ever "break" in the action.  We have booked 7 shows in the Southwest region and plan on gigging through the end of the year.   Thanks to all the promoters, bands, and clubs, things look great!!!!

MC: What made your last band Travail break up? What are some fond memories  you had with that band? Do you have any copies of the cd you put out laying around?

SB: Travail was cool.  We did two CD's and some touring, & the Milwaukee Metalfest.  Yes I have about 50 copies of Translation left.  We changed drummers then one guy was too hostile, then it seemed we peak and the fun was gone.

MC: You have been in the scene about as long as me. What motivates you or keeps you going?

SB: My complete devotion to Guitar, Metal, Rock 'n' Roll combined with strong family and personal values and goals has keeped me in the game.   I don't take crap from people and I've comitted my life to Music and Metal.   Ever since I saw Rush, AC/DC, Ozzy and then Metallica I knew that was " IT"   No question.

MC: After Travail broke up how soon did Motive come together?

SB: Travail broke up in Summer 1996.  I felt that the current situation in St. Louis, Mo. at the time was not condusive to the maximum amount of Metal I was seeking.   I moved to Phoenix, Az. Nov. 15th 1996.  I did a short lived Arizona Travail, then formed MOTIVE in June 1999.   Motive came together from friends and  ex -bands.

MC: Describe to me what you think Motive sounds like?

SB: Modern Thrash with Hooks, Leads, Solid Vocals, Powerful Drums and Bass.  A blend of Thrash, Rock and Death.

MC: What goals do you have for the band? Do you think you can make a living  off the band?

SB: My goal for the band from Day 1 is to write, record and perform Metal/Rock all over the Fucking World.  We just bought a Van and Trailer. Our Guitarist/Mechanic Randy has done all the upgrades and repairs so we hope to be in great shape to tour the US and Canada anytime!!!   We have played and worked our asses off and just need one Label to believe in US!!!!   Yes we can make a living from this if we stay focused and also get lucky as well. Shit we make money already and we do everything ourselves.  With a label it could be bigger and better.  It also cost a lot to do this as you know, so......

MC: Do you have a band website? If so, what is the url? What can people find there?

SB: Our website is www.motivemetal.com   We have a ton of stuff on there, News, Shows, Pics, Reviews, Links, Flyers and a Store to buy all the MOTIVE stuff!!!   Pack a lunch or roll up a couple if you visit, cause there is a lot of content on there!!!!!

MC: What do you think fo the whole interent explosion and do you miss the newsprint zines that are now sort of faded away?

SB: I do miss the print Zines.   They still exist but not as much.  Some of the Major/Mainstream mags are still going so that is a good thing.   The internet is great, it is also evil.   Nothing replaces going to the store and browsing the racks and shelves, holding the CD/Album/Poster in your hand and paying your hard earned money for some bad ass fucking BAND.    At the same time nothing is cooler than a few clicks and some Metal freak in Europe is on your website digging your band and he's 3,000 miles away.    Please buy music, do not steal it!!!

MC: If you could own a label and sign any 5 bands, what would they be and why?

SB: Greeenhaven - best damn band in the country. Drunken Masters - Unbelievably entertaining, mad genius!!! Lunatic - They kick Ass, good guys too. 32 Leaves - the next Alice In Chains that's why. MOTIVE - where should I start?

MC: Do you think the thrash scene can make a comeback and what are some new bands that you like?

SB: The Thrash scene needs a combination of Veterans and New bands to make it flourish.  We have Slayer, Anthrax, Exodus, Death Angel, Slipknot, Hatebreed, In Flames, Lamb of God but we need some new MODERN THARSH ( Hint - MOTIVE )

MC: Describe what the other band members are like and do you all get along?

SB: Randy Davis - Lead Guitar - Talented, smart, mellow, mechanic, father, Great Guitarist Andy Luffey - Drums -  Metal Hippie, young, talented, mellow, cool dude, Drum Machine Rhodri Greer - Bass - Motorcycle, Solid, Educated, well rounded musician Yes we all get along, everybody has there space/place type deal.  We have been through a lot together already so that helps.

MC: Have you seen any good shows lately and what do you think of Slayer now?

SB: Thankfully Phoenix gets a ton of shows and we are also close to California so that helps too.   OZZFEST 2004 ruled!!!!   Machine Head was great, Damage Plan was cool, Metal Church and Danzig were both very good.  SLAYER still kicks ass.  "God Hates us All" is a mean fucking CD and with Lambardo back the next one should kill.

MC: Have you ever had any major problems as far as being ripped off and stuff?

SB: No, not really.  Ya gotta be smart and lucky I guess.

MC: When do you plan on releasing some new music?

SB: We plan on a 4-5 song CD to come out the end of 04' or early 05'.

MC: What are some things that you hate and also love about the music industry?

SB: I love the Music, Shows, Fans and the party. Lately what bothers me is that the indie labels used to pride themselves in thinking outside the box.  Now they chase trends like Corpse Paint, Atmosphere, Keyboards, Female singers, 17 band members, Swords and Dragons.  What they need to do is focus on song writing and bands that Rock and already know what to do own their own.  Team up with them and get busy.  We don't need to reinvent the wheel, just ROCK!!!!

MC: Do you still live out in Arizona? Are any of the guys in Atrophy, Sacred Reigh or any of those old 80's early 90's underground bands still out there?

SB: Yes I do, Phoenix is one of the best Metal cities in the world.  Flotsam, Megadeth, Soulfly, Alice Cooper, N17, Nuclear Death, Vehemence, Sacred Reich, Rob Halford plus tons of Sound guys, Roadies and friends live here. Great scene as a whole.

MC: Where do you see the underground scene headed in the future?

SB: Up and Down as usual.  Lots of 16 - 21 year olds at shows lately, that's a great sign.

MC: How much longer do you plan on being involved in music?

SB: A long time hopefully.  I'll play guitar and listen to music till the day I die.   It's a long way to the Top If ya wanna Rock " N " Roll!!!!!!!

MC: Steve, any last words. You rule for being still into this much with such passion for such a long time.

SB: Thanks Chris.  It's an honor to be in Metal Core Zine.   I've bought, traded and shared metal with you for a long time and enjoy hearing from you. People with real heart and character make this all worth while.  Everyone please visit our website @ www.motivemetal.com    MOTIVE  will play the East coast one day and expect 100% Full On Metal when we get there!!!!!!!   METAL CORE RULES!!!   One more AC/DC Tour!!!!   Thanks again, see ya.

Website: www.motivemetal.com
Email: [email protected]