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Jay formerly of Sapphic Ode has just opened a new recording studio and I decided to email to found out what happened to the band and about his new recording studio and if your in a band and looking for a place to record, look no further than Lollipop Recording studio.

MC: What led to the break up of Sapphic Ode and were you sad to see the band go? Any chance of a reunion show one day?

JAY: I believe that there were a few main issues that led to the break up of Sapphic Ode. For me and Chris, the real issues were with our keyboardist. He could never get anything done. We would always be waiting for him to finish his studio tracks or to contribute to the new song ideas. He always had a million excuses. He also was very hard to work with. So with all the lack of work on his part plus a few other personal issues, started the arguments and the breaking point. Julee also had a big part of the break up. She had seemed to lose the fire for touring. It appeared that she was also going through some kind of personal problems and just was not the same person that we knew.

As far as a reunion, never. Chris and I have not spoken to the other two in years. The break up of the band was very sad. A big part of me died when we called it quits.

MC: Are you still selling any Sapphic CDs or shirts, etc?

JAY: I still get emails with people wanting the Sapphic Ode stuff. We sold over 20000 copies of our first c.d. in the first year and totally sold out of our second EP only after a few months of pressing it. I really thought that anyone who wanted our stuff had already bought it. All of the shirts and stickers were sold out as well.

MC: What did you do after the band broke up and what do you think was the reason the band did not get bigger than they did?

JAY: I took a few months off from writing music to focus on promoting my recording studio. It was a good break. I recorded a lot of local metal bands and started getting the itch to play again. I started working on some songs in the same vein as Sapphic Ode but could never find another female vocalist the had what I was looking for. So I pretty much trashed most of the songs. I did sell a few of the songs to a local band.

The internal conflicts prevented us from getting bigger. We were sharing the stage with lots of bigger, well know acts and playing big venues. We had signed on with a management company from New York. We were selling tons of merch and was featured in many national and local zines. We were getting some offers with a few larger indy labels and tour promoters. We had lots of music industry people wanting us but we were unable to produce new material within the deadlines all thanks to Julee and Dan.

MC: What were some of your favorite times and not so favorite times with the band? Ever see any videos of the band floating around on the internet?

JAY: My favorite times with the band was the first 5 years. We always hung out together and it was a real family. We often had some crazy nights out and they were great!!!! I have met a lots of really cool people and was exposed to a lot of great bands as well. About a year after hiring our keyboardist is when he started being really difficult and it was all one big not so great time.

I have seen some live videos of us that people have posted. We also shot 2 videos for a few industrial dvd comps. One of the videos was in a documentary that was based on the dark rock metal scene. Some of our music was also featured in a few indy horror films.

MC: How did you get started doing your recording studio and how did you come up with the name and logo?

JAY: Well, we cut our first record with Jim Forbes and I assisted and produced it. Jim and I became good friends quickly and I started working with him at the studio. After a few years of sharpening my skills I became the second engineer and studio manager at Vortex Sound. Years later, the studio was moved to Florida so I decided to start collecting gear and opening my own. The name Lollipop Recording came from my love of the "Lollipop" style microphones. I really love the look of those things. With the logo, I approached a friend of mine who is a great tattoo artist to capture what the studio was about. We are all about the metal scene and always have been. I have been playing in and supporting the underground scene since I was 15.

MC: What bands have recorded there so far and what are you rates and stuff?

JAY: Well, to many bands for me to list. Mostly unsigned acts but also have done some indy label records. My studio has a great rep in the scene. We are known for producing high quality recordings at a great rate. Everyone really loves recording here. We have a great time making the records and it is a very laid back environment. We give the most bang for the buck!!! It is a great place for budget minded labels and artists to cut records at.

MC: If you could give a band some advice that they should do before they go into a recording studio?

JAY: Practice, practice, practice!!!! Get real tight as a band and as a player. Also, a set up a time to meet with the engineer before recording. It is real important that he understands your vision and really enjoys recording your style of music.

MC: What are some of the equipment things you have and what are your hours?

JAY: We are a Pro Tools HD based studio. We have all class A mic preamps, a great selection of high end microphones and some great amps and drum kit. I put in lots of time trying out and selecting the right gear that will produce great results. It has always been my goal to make "Big Studio" recordings for bands and labels that have smaller budgets.

MC: Do you have a website or a My Space page?

JAY: Yes, we have both. Our web address is http://www.lollipoprecording.com and our myspace link is http://www.myspace.com/lollipoprecording

MC: Would you join another band if the situation felt right?

JAY: No, I am really focused on studio engineering. I put 100% of my energy into my clients recordings. It would be way to much to commit to a band. Not enough time in the day

MC: If you had a chance to work for a big studio would you do it or are you just happy where your at now?

JAY: I really love just having a private, smaller studio. We have everything here that the areas bigger studio's have except for the high rates and egos.

MC: Jay I am out of questions. Any last words?

JAY: Thanks for your time Chris. If you are in a band and our looking to record, please check us out.