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I recently got a copy of the new release from the band Kommandant and after hearing it I knew it was time for an interview with this band. I sent band member Jim Bresnahan some questions and here is what he said to them and check this band out they crush:

MC: Tell me a bit about the band, how the band formed and what the current line-up is?

JB: The band was formed by me back in 2005.Initially the lineup was only Andy (Cianide) and me. We have a revolving door lineup at the moment so I see no point in stating individual members at this point. The band was formed in reaction to what I see is a state of ambivalence and lack of integrity within the heavy music scene. Kommandant will provide that which lacks in today’s current scene. Kommandant is a weapon. Music is a tool and in the right hands, is a very powerful weapon. We are asserting our will, pushing our agenda, re-shaping the world around us. Our weapon is Kommandant

MC: I just got a copy of your new EP and I like it a lot. Are you happy with the way it turned out?

JB: We are ecstatic with the results. The sound production compliments the visuals in perfect union. The results were fully realized and we could not be happier. We are currently in the studio recording our next project.

MC: How did you come up with the name for the band and were any other names considered?

JB: No other names were considered and I was completely surprised to find that the name had not been taken. Kommandant is the perfect name for a band and so obvious as well.

MC: How do you all get along as a band? Do you get along outside of the band as well?

JB: We do not enjoy each other's company very much; as a result of this, we hardly speak to each other when not involved in band activities. Kommandant is not fun; it is work.

MC: About how many hours each week are spent doing band related things?

JB: Personally, I spend at least 40 hours distributing propaganda and making contacts. This is outside from the 40 hours spent actually playing instruments each week.

MC: Do you have any other websites besides the My Space page and for those who visit it, what will they find there?

JB: We have a Facebook and a Reverb nation page as well. Fans will find the exact same information that is available on Myspace. We have a person who tends to updating and keeping current these web pages. I have absolutely no interest in these forums. Too Old!!!

MC: How would you describe the music of the band to someone who has never heard you before?

JB: We sound like "Space Junk" and we absolutely have an objective...as to the message...if it is not clear to you as a listener...keep listening. We are artists and our art is the weapon, it will speak to you. I will not need to hold your hand and guide you. That is not how we operate. You ether "get it" or you don't. We are simply channeling that which speaks to us from beyond. Quiet your mind and listen...if you are one of us..."They" will speak to you as well.

MC: Do you feel you are a good live band and do you have a good local following and where is the band based out of?

JB: We are the best live band in Chicago. Just ask us! Our live presentation is something we pride ourselves on. The live attack is very cold, provocative and disciplined in appearance, yet caustic and infectious upon delivery. It is not uncommon to see audience members leave the auditorium due to who deeply offended they may have become. To these people we say "Thank you for forfeiting your entrance fee to us and have a pleasant trip home!"..I have seen this happen on more than one occasion. We attempt to incorporate at least one new element into our live show every time we perform. Something as simple as the way we announce a song or a different type of clothing, Etc....

MC: How do you plan on going about promoting this EP you put out and does the band have any goals they would like to achieve?

JB: It is VERY difficult as is anything worth doing. The extreme nature of our "art" and the amount of dedication it takes to execute it to our high standards is very taxing. There is very little money for this kind of "music" here in the States at our current level. Money is NOT the ultimate goal for us. Exorcising that which is within us, and spreading the word is our main agenda. We are in the heart of enemy territory here, but it fuels us and tempers us. We have a long list of very supportive individuals, labels, stores, and fanzines that shall have our eternal gratitude. Hails to them! Sometimes being associated with us can be an anathema, so for now these people will remain nameless. Of course first are those extreme and powerful allies who come and rage at our live rallies...the fans...you are ether with us...or against us. Hails to thee! Some I know do "get it" being like us when we were much younger...unfocused. Feeling the raw emotional power our propaganda emanates and raging accordingly, these we hope to shape. Some will never "get it" and that's ok...we admire your spirit ether way.

MC: How does a song and lyrics come together?

JB: The music comes first and lyrics come last.

MC: Do you feel you’re an original band?

JB: Extremely!!!! From our music to our visual representation. We are getting better and improving ourselves all the time.

MC: Tell me a little bit about the coming together of this EP that just came out. Did everything in the studio go as planned?

JB: Marcus and I write all the music. The studio experience always goes according to plan. We chose an E.P. format for personal reasons. As a metal fan, I always enjoyed this format because it causes anticipation and desire for the next record to come out immediately! Everything we do is well thought out in a very tactical sense. Our next release will be 2 separate CD's released simultaneously along with a split 7" with the Swedish band "Nominon". When it rains it pours!

MC: What other releases do you have out besides the EP and what stuff do you have for sale?

JB: STORMLEGION" is available from Planet Metal and "IRON HANDS ON SCANDINAVIA" is available through me. The first is a full length and the latter is a 3 song E.P.

MC: Where do you see the underground metal scene headed in a few years?

JB: Into the shitter!!! One worldwide computer virus and the "Metal Scene" is done!!!! Bands need to focus more on developing their art and pay less attention and have less concern to how many listens and hits they have on My Space per day! Nonsense!!!! (cant’ agree with you more-Chris)

MC: Do you ever think CDS will become extinct and that all we will have is ITunes?

JB: Unfortunately the answer is yes.

MC: Do you or the band members have to be in a certain mood to write songs?

JB: Absolutely. I usually need at least one hour of transcendental meditation before I can even begin the writing of a new work.

MC: What do you do when you’re not doing band related stuff?

JB: I collect ww2 related items....Especially items related to German U-Boats. I have 4 authentic Leather coats worn by U-Boat crew. I also collect autographed photos of U-Boat Commanders that are very expensive when authentic.

MC: What is something you can tell me about yourself that might surprise people?

JB: I do not party and do not enjoy the company of others. I am best when left alone.

MC: Tell me a little bit about each band member?

JB: I do not see this necessary since the other band members will most likely have all been replaced by the time your readers have a chance to read this.

MC: How far to you think the band can go?

JB: Yearly progress has been the mainstay thus far and based upon this, there is no stopping us. You will have to physically remove us in order for us to go away!

MC: Do you like any sports and stuff like that?

JB: No.

MC: How have the reviews for the band been? Do you think most of the reviews have been fair, even if they are bad reviews?

JB: I believe that ANY review in which it is obvious that they listened to the actual CD is a good review. Based on this all reviews thus far have been good, around 96% positive and the remainder being very negative.

MC: What are your plans for 2010 and into the early part of 2011?

JB: The remainder of 2010 will be mostly spent working on new material. As for 2011, a little birdie told me someone wants to bring us out to the West Coast for some tour dates. We shall see!

MC: I am out of questions. Horns up for the interview and any last words and plug any websites or merchandise you might have.

JB: We do have merch available. Kontakt me at [email protected] if you are interested. Chris, I will see you at the Samhain fest in South Carolina. Later!