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Insanity have been around longer than Metal Core and I thought it was time to do a way overdue interview with this killer speed/thrash metal band so I emailed band member Dave Gorsuch an email interview and below is what he says to my questions. Please check this band out as they crush and deserve your support.

MC: Give me a brief band history.

DG: Well, Insanity is a band that started out pioneering a new level in speed intensity and technicality in late 1985. The first show was with Death and there was a raging pit going within seconds of playing the first song! Due to having a great sounding live demo being circulated by the underground tape trading scene of the mid '80s, the band soon had mail coming in from around the world. While it seemed like the band had more than enough potential for success, soon things turned with Bud's incarceration and Joe's diagnosis of a terminal heart virus that took his life nine months later. A few years after struggling with numerous line up changes, a new line up emerged and the band signed a record deal with M.B.R. Records from Germany. Unfortunately the label folded and although the album "Death After Death" became a must have for Insanity fans, it also was another reason Insanity remained a cult underground act and didn't achieve major success.

MC: You have also had a band member pass away. Tell me a bit about how that happened.

DG: Well first there was Joe who died in 1987 as mentioned above and in November of 2007 our drummer Bud died after a short battle with Esophageal cancer. The doctors took months to find the source and when they did it was already stage four. They tried three rounds of chemo but by then that was worse than the cancer itself.

MC: Tell me the current line-up.

Dave Gorsuch - Guitar & Vocals
Juan Casarez - Drums
Ivan Munguia - Guitar
Nathan Green - Bass & Vocals

MC: The band has been around longer than my zine! How much longer do you think the band will be around?

DG: I'm not going to put any time limit on it. In some ways it feels like we're just getting started. The main thing is that it is fun to play the songs with the band and we feel like we have a lot of lost time to make up for.

MC: When can we expect some new music from the band and what will it sound like?

DG: Well first we want to release Visions Of Apocalypse featuring the last recordings of Bud Mills. Although we have advance copies available, we're recording some bonus tracks and will shop it to labels soon. Besides that we do have some new material in the works. I try to branch out and keep it interesting for me but the new guys are old school Insanity fans and want to keep the style true to form as well.

MC: For those who had never heard the band what would you say you sound like?

DG: An intense obliteration of your ear drums! At least in the fast parts haha!
I guess our early goal was to write music with a similar feel in riffing to Slayer (although more technical) with the Heaviness of Venom & Motorhead with the quality of writing of Mercyful Fate. Matt Harvey wrote in some liner notes "Insanity should have taken a place alongside Death, Possessed and Morbid Angel as a ground breaking technical death thrash outfit" and "The strength of the songs the band wrote in the mid 80's in beyond question - especially compared to what bands like Death & Morbid Angel were doing in 1985 - the sophistication of the Insanity material is on the same level of Possessed at their most fearsome, but a lot faster."

MC: Are there any live videos floating around of the band on say You Tube?

DG: Yeah go to http://www.youtube.com/user/Insanityvids
We're going to be adding more as we just got started playing shows again.

MC: How has the response to the band on My Space been? Have you hooked up with some old friends/bands that you haven't heard from in a while?

DG: It's been great! We've heard from a bunch of old fans and a lot of new people have found us there as well. It's also great to hear feedback after a killer show like L.A. Murderfest (or the tour in '05).

MC: How many releases do you have and which ones are still for sale?

DG: I believe 5 or so although some of the compilations have a lot of the same tracks. The Latest is the Chronicles of The Cursed Digibook 2 CD compilation which came out this year. We have made advance copies available the Visions Of Apocalypse release with the pre-production tracks Bud recorded with us to honor his memory since he passed before we could record the album with him. The From The Grave compilation is still available and we've got copies of the Death After Death album available on CD and cassette. The 85 demo is also available on 7" vinyl with issue #15 of Snakepit magazine.

MC: Thrash metal is sort of making a comeback. Do you hope that this continues?

DG: Definitely! It really helps the scene a lot especially for bands like us.

MC: Do you miss the days of hand writing letters and sending out demos and filling letters with various flyers?

DG: I definitely do miss those days, it was great corresponding with people like Bill Steer and Scott Carlson although it's nice not having to write so many letters and be dubbing copies of our demo all the time.

MC: How did you come up with your name and has any other bands tried to use it?

DG: It was Joe's name, it seemed to describe the show and crowd reaction when we first played out pretty well but I'm not sure how he thought of it. I've heard there are some bands from other countries trying to use the name but most people know we are the ones that have been using it the longest and have had the most recognition although most of that is from the old days.

MC: What are some of the bands that you have shared the stage with over the years?

DG: We've played with bands like Death, Possessed, Sacrilege, Desecration, Ulysses Siren and Machine Head back in the day. More recently Obituary, Repulsion, Atheist, Exhumed, Abscess, Dying Fetus, Brutal Truth, Impaled, and a tone of others at both time we did L.A. Murderfest.

MC: Do you have a favorite live show.

DG: Probably the very first one with Death because I think it was pretty amazing to be able to get such a huge pit within seconds of playing our first show. Bud's last show in Hollywood at the L.A. Murderfest in 2007 was pretty awesome as well.

MC: Do you a good local following and do you play live much?

DG: We have a pretty decent local following considering how the local Bay Area scene is. Since we reformed the band late last year, we've played all over the U.S. West Coast and will plan on doing more after we try to get better label support to officially release the Visions of Apocalypse album.

MC: Has there been times when the band was on the verge of breaking up?

DG: We did break up at times. Sometimes a line up change or times when the local scene sucked as well as the lack of a success amongst the masses given the bands history can be very frustrating. Right now I am having fun with it and we are doing what we can to establish the band after a great first 6 months with a new line up.

MC: You have seen many trends come and go, what is it that makes the band keep going?

DG: First and foremost the songs are fun to play and shows have been killer as well. Besides that the support of the most loyal and intense fans gives us a lot of encouragement to keep it going as well.

MC: How easy is it to write songs? How does the writing of a song come together?

DG: Sometimes they come together very easily, sometimes it takes a lot of refining until we are happy with them. Most songs go through some changes before we consider them "finished". Usually it starts with a riff or an idea for the topic and some lyrics. We don't have any formula other than following our inspiration but we do pride ourselves on our song writing and believe we have created our own original style and that most of our songs sound different from each other to keep ourselves and our fans interested.

MC: Do you have any merchandise for sale?

DG: We have everything from CDS, DVDs, Vinyl, Cassettes to T-shirts, Patches, and some Hoodies! Everything is available from our official website at http://www.blacklungproductions.com/insanity

MC: Is there any short term and/or long term goals for the band right now?

DG: The short term goal is to get a new release out with better label support. We'd also like to tour the East coast of the US as well as Europe, Asia and South America.

MC: What would you like the band to be remembered by?

DG: As pioneers of early death metal who took the speed, riffing, heaviness and intensity of metal to new extremes compared to what was out in 1985!

MC: Plug any and all websites you have where people can check out the band and buy some stuff.

DG: The official Insanity website is at http://www.blacklungproductions.com/insanity
We also have a myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/insanity

MC: I am out of questions, Horns up for the interview. Any last words the floor is yours.

DG: Thanks for the support!!! -with our history, we need it especially considering we have been around as long as we have and influenced the bands that we have and never got proper exposure to the masses with as much bullshit and tragedy as we've had to overcome!