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Hellcannon totally blew me away with their release "Infected With Violence" which is will lay to waste and poser in its path. I got hold of band member Kevin for an interview and here is what he said to my questions and the band has a new Ep on the way and I heard the songs on it and it crushes as well as the debut:

MC: Tell me a bit about each band member and how many line-ups did the band go through before it came to the present line-up?

KEVIN: I play the six string guitar, Ryan does vocals and guitar, Bryant plays drums, and KMuck plays Bass. We've been a band for about 4 years now. Nate was our drummer for our last album, since then Bryant has been kicking ass for us.
MC: How did you come up with the band name and were any other names considered?

KEVIN: KMuck came up with the name, and once I heard it I wanted to be in the band. It was around before I was.
MC: I have your release that recently came out on Ketzer Records. Apparently this is a re-release that originally came out in 2010. What label did that come out on and why did you have it re-issued, was it due to poor promotion by a formal label or did you put it out yourselves and wanted it to have a proper release?

KEVIN: Very cool, the main reason we had Ketzer release "Infected with Violence" is for people in Europe who want the album. Every now and then I'll get a CD I sent returned to me just completely destroyed because it didn't pass inspection in Germany or wherever I sent it. Also, the pressings here in America are taking longer than expected and Ketzer was ready to go- they're doing great. Butchered Records released it in America, and sold out- Indie labels move at different paces I guess.
MC: Is the bands 1st release? If it is not, what other releases to you have?
KEVIN: "Infected with Violence" is our first full length. We had our "Raiders of the Waste EP" released in 2008 I think, which has a few songs from the full length.
MC: When can we expect some new material from the band?

KEVIN: Early next year (maybe January/February) we're releasing another EP "Soothsayer" These are some real choice cuts- we're beyond stoked to release it. There's 4 originals and a cover of one of our favorite bands.
MC: How was it going into the studio to record this album? Was there any one or 2 songs that were difficult to get just perfect?
KEVIN: We returned to Shredly Studios ran by Jim Nickles for this one. It was a really comfortable experience, and we had a lot of room and time to experiment. The mixes from 5 months ago compared to the final master we have today are miles apart- but sound great in my opinion.
Everyone did a pretty good job as far as bangin out the recordings.  There were a few songs where KMuck wanted to try some different bass tones, or I was really trying to nail a solo but overall it was quick and easy.
MC: For those who have never heard of the band, what would you describe your music as?

KEVIN: Heavy. Fast. Evil.
That's been our Mantra- there's tons in between but at the root of the music that's what it really comes down to.
MC: Obviously you did not grow up in the ear of all the tape trading, fanzines and actually writing letters. Have you ever heard from people or other bands about those days and do you do any kind of MP3 trading or what not?

KEVIN: We live in Buffalo, NY. There was a huge Death Metal scene here. There's a lot of people here who remember (or used to be in a band with) Cannibal Corpse or Baphomet, it's all kinda starting up again in the last few years. Yeah, we're told on a daily basis how we've missed out on the golden years.
MC: Has the band played live a lot? If so, what are some of the bands you have shared the stage with?

KEVIN: We don't play as many shows as we'd like to- but we've got a good amount of touring under our belts at this point.
We've played with: Malevolent Creation, Monstrosity, Warbringer, Revocation, Massacre, Evile, Bonded by Blood, Gama Bomb, Deceased, Arsis, Rumpelstiltskin Grinder...
I'm a fan of all these bands, its always cool to play shows and hang out with people you've been listening to.
MC: How has the reactions and reviews of the album been so far?

KEVIN: It's been really good. There's a shitload of reviews out there for it by now, but for the most part they're pretty positive. I'm just glad people have been enjoying it.
MC: Is there a good metal scene where you are based out of and are there many clubs and/or record stores that stock underground metal? 
KEVIN: When we started here there were really no active metal bands, we were playing with Punk and Hardcore bands. Slowly since then we've seen a lot more metal bands get together and the scene here has been growing. The best venue for metal here is definitely the funeral home- they've done a lot for the scene here. As far as record stores we don't have much but my favorites are FrizB's CD Exchange and Record Baron.
MC: Tell me the process that goes into writing a song and the lyrics?

KEVIN: The way we approach every song is kinda different. Usually me or Ryan will come up with a few riffs and KMuck and Bryant will kinda do their thing. On our EP we each kind of have our own songs where one guy wrote the majority, but they all sound like Hellcannon in the end.
When Ryan writes lyrics he's usually pretty straightforward, and has an idea or a story. When I write lyrics (which isn't often) I try to use metaphor and kinda give it an enigmatic personality. KMuck is great at writing  really cryptic stuff. The dude's like R.L. Stine or some shit!
MC: Does the band have any goals for themselves or are you just having fun with the band?

KEVIN: We're a little of both. Financially it's just so difficult to be a full-time band. There's so much stuff to pay for and so little support, most of it comes out of our pockets.
It would be awesome if we got more label support and could afford stuff, but we're still growing and creating a fan base. I don't think anyone would still be in the band if we weren't having fun though. 

MC: Around how much time in any given week is spent doing band related stuff?
KEVIN: I'm the dude that runs the facebook, books shows, and all that junk. I'll look on that once or twice a week and just let people know what's going on. Ryan and Kmuck do a lot of the behind the scenes shit with T-shirts and merch and stuff like that.
MC: What do you like to do when your not doing band related stuff?

KEVIN: We just enjoy basic stuff overall, some of us are into comics, there's a lot of xbox 360 going down, we'll party and hang out at local shows.  
MC: What are some of your favorite bands and when you hear a song what do you listen for?

KEVIN: At the moment some of my favorite bands are: Obscura, Revocation, Exotic Animal Petting Zoo, Anciients
These are all bands that are technically impressive, great songwriters and most importantly bring something new to the table.
Our upcoming EP is kind of a taste of the direction we're moving
MC: Did any of the members take any lessons for their respective instruments?

KEVIN: I took guitar lessons for a few years, but my teacher felt he couldn't really teach me anymore- but I'm glad I did.
MC: How came up with wicked cover art for the album?

KEVIN: Ryan and KMuck had the concept, and Tom Martin did the artwork

MC: Do you or any of the band members listen to any non metal music?

KEVIN: I listen to more non metal music than metal probably. Me and Bryant are really into Rush, and King Crimson and Yes. Huge fan of progressive music. We all like to take breaks from metal though.
MC: Plug any websites you have and merchandise you have for sale.
KEVIN: Just keep an eye on facebook.com/hellcannonmetal for any updates. We've got new limited edition "Soothsayer" shirts out and the EP is on it's way!
MC:  Any last words and horns up for the interview.

KEVIN: Thanks for checking us out Chris! Rock and Roll!! SWWS