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Ground of Ruin 

Ground Of Ruin are a crushing death/black metal band and after hearing the bands music I knew I had to interview them. I sent band member Dom Brennan some questions and here i his answers and check this band out, they kill.

This interview was done by Dom Brennan.

MC: Let's get the typical question out of the way, how did the band form and what are the current members?

DB: The band officially stared in 2003 when it was decided to change the name to Ground Of Ruin, but some of the members had been playing together for a while under different guises. Rob (guitar) started the band and had Fran (guitar) and Derek (bass) playing with him since the start. Everyone was quite young when they started playing together so their has obviously been big changes in the bands sound over the years. Dave (vocals) was next to join the band after the other guys put up an advert looking for a vocalist. Shortly after it was decided to change the name to 'Ground Of Ruin' and approach the songwriting and presentation of the band in a more focused manor. I (Dom: guitar) was the last one to join the band, they had been looking for a second guitarist for quite a while but finding it hard to solidify the line up. I knew most of the members as we grew up in the same area. I seen them playing a gig in Dublin and we got talking again. Shortly after they asked me to try out for the band. We all were confident soon after that this was a solid line up for the band and since then have came up with a sound for the band that we are completely satisfied with. Unfortunately we are now back down to four members again as our vocalist left recently. The writing is continuing as normal and we have a temporary vocalist helping us out, but we have not found the right person to join the band full time.

MC: How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it?

DB: There's quite a mixing of styles in there due to varying tastes within the band. I would say essentially it's a mixing of Black and Death metal with a dark melodic atmosphere. A lot of people have called us "Blackened Death/Trash" which is OK by us, sums it up pretty well.

MC: How did you come up with your band name and the title of the new CD?

DB: The name Ground Of Ruin came from a lyric which was in an early song written by the band. We don't play the song anymore but the name certainly suits the band and we feel it sets the correct tone. We chose the name 'Cloaked In Doctrine' for the CD after we had all of the material written. We felt it was a very powerful name which summed up the overall tone of the music. It also suited the artwork and presentation we wish to put forward for the CD.

MC: The songs on the new CD, did they come together pretty easy or were a couple songs here and there a bit harder to write and come together?

DB: It was definitely a difficult process getting the songs together. We we're not pleased with our previous EP and felt that major changes needed to be made to our sound. We felt that this latest release had to be the blueprint for the future of Ground Of Ruin, a release that we would be truly proud to put our name to. So we spent a lot of time working on our overall sound before we got the songs together for this EP. We were writing material and then scraping it for the first while, this was frustrating but essential as we knew there was no room for mistakes. The first song we wrote for the EP was 'Burning the Olive Branch' and this was the song which led the way for what we wanted the EP to sound like. I think it is probably the weakest song on it now but it was still a very important song to us. Once that was written the material seemed to flow a lot better, we had more direction. The last song 'Beneath Contempt' was very enjoyable to write, the ideas were flowing non stop and for once we were not feeling the need to scrap our ideas.

MC: How do you plan on promoting this new CD?

DB: We are working with Adrian Butler from 'Lugga Music Productions' on the promotional side of things, and he is doing a great job for us He is the ex- bass player for Irish band 'Mourning Beloveth' so we knew we were in safe hands. Dave (vocalist) left the band shortly after the CD was released which meant we have not been able to do much gigging since. We now have a temporary singer on board so hopefully we can get some more gigs now and get it out there some more.

MC: How does a song come together? Does someone bring up a riff or melody and you go from there?

DB: Yeah that's essentially how it starts. It will usually start with a guitar riff and we take things from there. We start jamming out the riff and adding parts to it as it progresses. This is a very satisfying part of writing music when everyone is learning a part and coming up with new parts to add to it. Usually once we get started with a riff then a burst of creativity will usually follow, a new riff tends to spark a lot of new ideas. The hardest part for us is knowing when to stop, you have to be careful to not finish prematurely or saturate the song with too many riffs.

MC: Have you got to play live much and how would you rate yourselves as a live band?

DB: The live show has always been a major priority for the band. We established ourselves as a quality live band first and got some great gigging opportunities because of it. We gigged very often while we were developing our sound and I think this stood to us. Of course nowadays, we have to be a bit more selective as it doesn't help to play too many gigs around Ireland. It's different when you're first trying to get your name out there. We have to concentrate more on getting shows overseas and spreading the word. We played a couple of festivals in Germany last year so we're hoping to secure some more shows around Europe.

MC: I know you must have a website and/or My Space pages. Please plug them here and what will people see when they long onto your sites?

DB: Our MySpace page is: www.myspace.com/groundofruin We will hopefully get an official website up soon. It has been down for quite a while. You can listen to our music and find out any updates on our MySpace page so it does the job perfectly for now.

MC: Does the band have any short or long term goals?

DB: On the short term, the main priority is to find a new singer and work towards finishing our first full length album. We have a lot of new material wrote but the vocalist situation is holding us up a little. Also we will be looking for more gigs to promote the latest CD and hopefully secure a good label to help us with the release of our first album. On the long term we are hoping to get our music to as many countries as possible by letting our music and live performance do the talking. We hope to continue to write uncompromising extreme metal which always keeps the true spirit of metal at heart!

MC: Tell me a little bit about each band member.

DB: There's not much to say really. We all have our separate lives but come together with collective goal when it comes to Ground Of Ruin. Other than that we all have pretty normal jobs, etc. I won't bore anyone with the details.

MC: About how much time each week is spent on doing band related stuff?

DB: We practice on a Wednesday evening and Sunday morning. The band in generally takes up a lot of our time but it's worth it. It is difficult for everyone to be able to commit so much time and effort into something that doesn't make any money. Playing underground metal certainly doesn't pay the bills!

MC: Are lyrics important to the band and how do the lyrics for a song come together?

DB: Yes the lyrics are very important to us. Every factor which goes into creating a record is very important to the overall tone of it. For us the lyrics say a lot about the band. One person usually writes the lyrics but they would not be allow pass through if they did not suit or if there was any major objection by another member.

MC: If you could do one cover tune, what would it be and why?

DB: That's a tough one, I can only speak for myself here really. We have thought about doing a cover before but we couldn't agree in the end. I would quite like to cover a 'Dissection' track such as 'The Somberlain' or 'Where Dead Angels Lie'. We talked about doing this before as well as the possibility of maybe covering the likes of 'At the Gates' or 'Dismember' but it never got done due to mixed opinions.

MC: Somebody should buy your CD because?

DB: Because if you like metal with atmosphere and an underlying sense of darkness then we may be of interest to you. It's just good honest metal that's not part of any passing trend, we will continue to strive for excellence and continue to step up a gear with each release.

MC: Do you plan on putting up some videos of the band on say a site like You Tube in the future?

DB: There's a couple of videos up there, not very good ones though. We'll get some more up in the future if we can get our hands on them!

MC: What are some of your favorite bands and concerts that you have seen?

DB: We played a gig in Germany alongside Dismember and Naglfar. Two bands we are all very fond of, so that one sticks out in my mind. Seeing the reunions of 'At the Gates' and 'Carcass' last year was really great too. Also a bit closer to home, Mourning Beloveth, Primordial and Mass Extinction have had some extremely memorable shows around Ireland, always great to see quality bands from your home country.

MC: Any last words Horns up for the interview.

DB: Thanks for the interview and good like with your zine.