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I have been friends with the guys in Goreaphobia forever so I thought it was time to do an interview with them reforming the band and putting out a new CD so I emailed guitar player Alex some questions and here is what he said to them:

MC: How did the reformation of the band begin and what is the current lineup now?

ALEX: Myself and Chris Gamble formed the band in 1988 out of the ashes of our old band Infamy. Me and Chris started talking again in 2004 about working together on the "Vile
Beast of Abomination" CD that would feature the old demos and record some old unreleased material. We both agreed that the band went to shit in the early days. We wanted to have some closure with the band on a high note. Goreaphobia of course has
meant a lot to the both of us. We had settled our differences from the past and became good friends again. So we did a reunion show in 2004 and recorded 4 tracks for the Vile Beast Of Abomination CD that came out on our good friend Roy Fox 's label Necroharmonic. Roy was very vocal about us getting back together. But we had no plans but to do the 4 songs for the CD and do the 1 show in December of 2004. The show was very good. It was very cool for me to play on stage with our original rhythm guitar player Hennry Piotrowski again. In 2007 I just kept thinking about the early days and the visions that me and Chris had for the band. Our dream of Goreaphobia never came completely to life. I started talking to Chris about doing the band again on a full time basis. We both discussed this for a few months about what we wanted to do with the band and we needed to do things the right way and have the right people involved. We had our old drummer Craig Smilowski rehearsing with me on new stuff. I even recorded a couple of new songs with him in 2007. It was pretty evident that he was not in the right frame of mind to do this. He was the one thing that we both felt was not going to work and would destroy the band again. We could not let that happen. I was now playing in Incantation and Jim Roe was filling in for the band on some Incantation touring. He was always one of my favorite drummers and I always wanted to play with him. There was an instant chemistry between us playing and I asked him to join and he agreed. Then we started playing out on some shows with John McEntee helping out on guitar and starting writing together. The line up now consists of myself Alex Bouks-Guitars, Chris Gamble-Bass/Vocals, Jim Roe-Drums and newest member VJS-Guitars. We are very pleased to have VJS now in the band. He is an old soul like ourselves. He comes from the black metal scene and has played in numerous bands like his band Incursus and bands like Kult of Azazel, Demoncy and Crimson Moon. His debut will be on out next full length record.

MC: The band has been around a long time how do you still stay motivated
playing this style of music?

ALEX: It is in the blood. I am still very hungry! All four of us are. We love doing what we do that is what keeps us going. If I was not getting anything out of it I would stop.

MC: You have just released a new CD, which kills. How long did the coming of the songs take and are you happy with the finished product?
ALEX: 2 songs were written early on. They were Amulet Of Damnation and Black Ash Eyes. The rest of the record was written in about a month before we started recording the record. It was a very easy process that just happened very quickly. I believe when you have a chemistry between the musicians it just comes out in a very magical way. I think we did a very good record. Of course there are a lot of things I would have done different now but that's why you keep recording new music. But I think "Mortal Repulsion" represents the band better then anything we have done. And is the best thing we have done so far. Until our next one of course. Ha ha!!

MC: How do you plan on going about promoting the disc?

ALEX: Our record label and our press people here in the US and now in Europe have done a great job. We have gotten in most of the major metal mags worldwide so everything has been good so far.

MC: Do you plan on doing any sort of tour at all or are you just gonna play some live shows here and there?

ALEX: We did a US tour this year with Master and Dreaming Dead and the tour went very well for us. Me and Jim also played Master on the tour as well. That was double duty for the both of us every night. We went over very well. We played for the old fans and won over a lot the newer younger audience.

MC: What are some memories you have from the old days?

ALEX: There are many great memories of course. Playing lots of great shows with Incantation, Immolation, Prime Evil, Autopsy, Repulsion, Death etc...That was when there was an excitement and magic in the air. The bands and people were individuals unlike what is happening today.

MC: What are some of your fondest memories of doing that tour with Immolation way back when?

ALEX: To be honest I was drunk most of the time. That was not the best time of my life so I don't remember too much. Of course it was great to hang with my friends in Immolation every night.

MC: Are you surprised at all that the band is still around after all these years?

ALEX: I don't really think about that too much. I am just very happy to be playing with these guys. I think it is great that we are still going after forming the band almost 22 years ago. That is a little strange.

MC: You mentioned you have a DVD coming out. What will be on the DVD and when can we expect that to be out?

ALEX: It will feature the bands early days up until now. Basically a historical retrospective of the band. It should come out some time next year.

MC: I know you are also in Incantation and Chris is in Bloodstorm. Are any of you in any other bands and how to you juggle the bands around?

ALEX: Yes I am playing Incantation as well so I get the best of both worlds. All the members of both bands are very good friends of mine so it is really great to get to play with all these amazing people. I also help out Master on tour as well so that is also fun as well to play with Paul Speckman. We just make it happen that's all I can say. I have some other stuff I am working on that is non metal with guitarist VJS. Very dark stuff. Me and Daryl from Funerbrarum are going to get together a project soon as well a Disharge meets Motorhead sort of thing.

MC: Do you have any short term goals for the band?

ALEX: We are working on our next record now and then we have some touring stuff in the works for 2010. Just keep moving forward I guess.

MC: Do you miss the old days of print zines and hand writing letters ha ha?

ALEX: Of course! Without a doubt!! I miss the those days when bands were doing great things especially the demo bands. I started getting into the tape trading scene in 1986. The first thing I got a hold of was the Death "Infernal Death"demo. That changed everything for me. It blew my mind!!! I found out these demo bands were more extreme and more exciting then any of the bands that were putting out records at the time. So much great stuff from the death black thrash and hardcore scene. Too many bands to mention. But I have to say that Death, Insanity from California, Morbid Angel, Deathstrike, Pentragram {chile} and Repulsion had the biggest influence on me. And many great zines. The person that started it off for me was a guy from Philly named Scott Helig who did Total Thrash that was a great zine and there was also Rage zine from Philly not to mention Metalcore from NJ HA HA!!! Hey also have to mention a great zine from Japan Deaththrash Mayhem, Slayer Mag, Blackthorne etc. Those were great days only the people who were there know what I mean. I also did a zine with Chris back then called Regurgitation. I think that was 87 or 88.

MC: What in your opinion is the best album every released and your favorite band and why?

ALEX: That is too hard of a question. I can't say fave record. There is so much 60s, 70s, rock that I love and 80s heavy metal and hardcore. But my fave band would be Pink Floyd. They are the deepest most important music to me. Pink Floyd has just moved me more then any other band. There is just magical connection with there records.

MC: How does a song come together for you guys and do you have to be in a certain mood to write a song?

ALEX: I may have an idea of some riffs and I will take it to Jimmy and we will go from there. Or Jimmy has ideas or Chris has some ideas and we work together and build from there. Or I may just wake up in the middle of the night and write a song. I may see a movie that inspires me a piece of art or some music that just motivates me. I don't think I have to be in a bad mood to right some dark music it is part of who I am.

MC: Do you feel a lot of bands today don't have that old school feeling and just want to write mosh riffs and see how many friends they can get on MY Space?

ALEX: Those people are not even worth a listen or even to be acknowledged. Total crap!! They are no different then some boy band to me. They all have the same formula. There is no individualism to what they do. Mechanical shizer!!!

MC: How did you come up with the name for the band?

ALEX: Chris came up with the name of the band. I believe it means some kind of deity to him. It does not mean fear of gore that many people think it means. It is also spelled different. We are not a gore band as well.

MC: Is there any unreleased Goreaphobia stuff that might see the light of day and are any videos up on say You Tube?

ALEX: Yes there are some songs we never recorded from the old days that we dropped. I don't even know why now because there was a few good songs we had with our original vocalist Kevin Brennen who wrote the lyrics for those songs that were very good. I don't have a copy of any of that stuff. I do know we traded some rehearsals in 88 and 89 that someone may have. There was a great song called "The Burning" that was very good. I can't remember the titles of the other ones Chris may have a better memory of those tracks. There is also some other stuff that I hope never sees the light of day that was not done properly. I plan never to release those songs but if someone has them then I guess they are one of the few who has those tracks. I have seen some new footage from the Master tour on You Tube.

MC: Plug any websites you have and do you have any merchandise for sale?

ALEX: We have our My Space and you can purchase merch through Ibex Moon records.

MC: Do original copies of your old stuff go for much money on say EBay or Amazon of you don't know?

ALEX: Yes. I believe some people are selling stuff pretty expensive. And there are also a lot of bootleg stuff as well on there.

MC: In your eyes what makes a great song or band?

ALEX: Feeling!!High Energy!!! Truth!!

MC: What led to the break-up of the band the 1st time around?

ALEX: The wrong people we had involved like our old guitar player John Arcucci. He caused a lot of problems in the band. He wanted control over the band. And also I blame myself. I let things happen. I was supposed to be the leader. And the leader can't lead his troops into battle if he is a mess. So just poor decision making and ego shit. Being young and jumping to conclusions without working threw our problems. Every band has problems but we were just the worst.

MC: Did you ever get a chance to play live at Lamour's of the Milwaukee Metalfest back in the day?

ALEX: I have played both places but not with Goreaphobia unfortunately.

MC: Do you think one days CDS will be completely gone and that will be left will be downloads of music?

ALEX: That is a very sad thought! I hope not.

MC: What in your eyes makes a great guitar player?

ALEX: Having your own imprint your own sound and feel. Not flash but feeling. If you hear Ritchie Blackmore or Uli Roth or Angus Young you know its them. That's what is important. Feeling. There is nothing more important than that. That's great a guy plays a million miles per hour but those guys I just mentioned change things and move mountains with one note. I couldn't care less about all this technical mumbo jumbo shit. That is completely meaningless to me. Let me see these people write a great song not some math problem that is just a bunch of riffs cramped together. It's like let me show off for everybody. I don't want to see that. I want to see a great musician. Being a great musician does not take all skill but it takes being a player with taste. Someone who has identity. There is a lot of kids out there who shred but you will never tell the difference from one to the other.

MC: How is it working with IBex Moon Records?

ALEX: It has been good. Ibex Moon has done a great job so far. It is important to have a label that believes in what you do.

MC: What do you think of the Phila underground metal scene and what is the best underground scene in your opinion?

ALEX: I don't think there is really a good underground scene. To have a good underground scene you need great bands that are doing something that is there own. I don't see that here. I have heard people say I don't support the scene here but I can't support something I don't believe in. I don't have time for copycats. I want to surround myself with individuals. And surround myself with people I have things in common with. I don't want to surround and support the trend of the week. The Anvil Bitch guys have always had my respect and my support. Those guys are individuals. I also support the Necrotion/S.O.G./Perverseraph guys. I have recently met the Rumplstilskin Grinder guys. They are cool people. But I could not tell who is who in the Philly scene. I would like to here some great stuff come out of Philly for sure. I here there is a lot of so called black metal and retro thrash bands around but I have no interest in trends.

MC: What advice would you give to a band that is just starting out?

ALEX: Play what comes natural. Who cares what everyone else says. Play from the heart. Don't be apart of the big machine. Be true to yourself don't follow the scene create your own.

MC: Do you think the band will be around in say 5 years from now?

ALEX: Yes we are working on our next record now and we are planning some touring for 2010. So yes we plan on to keep this band alive. The momentum is good now.

MC: Alex I am out of questions. Horns up for the interview and last words or anything you want to plug go for it.

ALEX: Thank you Chris for the interview. Chris Forbes rules everyone. He is a true individual. Check out Metalcore and look for our new record some time next year.