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Final Curse 

Final Curse is a awesome thrash metal band and after I heard the bands CD I emailed some questions to lead vocals/lead guitar player Mike and here is what he said to the questions I posed to him:

MC: What is the current lineup and how did the lineup come together?

Mike(lead vocals and lead guitar) here! David Holquin on drums. Madison Stegall lead guitar and backing vox. Stev-o on the bass. This lineup came together after myself and Madison sifted through four other members!! But we are strong now and ready to conquer!!

MC: How did you come up with your band name and were any other names considered?

MIKE: It was June 6th, 2006 and Madison and myself were listening to Slayer's "Postmortem". At the part where Tom screams "await the Final CALLLLLLL!" I thought he said Final Curse and stole it as a name. Then I found out he wasn't saying that so I guess I thought of it! HAHA We had no other names except Twat Waffle.

MC: I love the CD you guys recently released. Is there any other material out there besides that CD?

MIKE: There is a shitty little demo called "Cursing the Deceivers". It is a four song demo and horribly recorded! But it's cool as it was our first release and we'll always treasure it so we can laugh at ourselves! Glad you like the new stuff though! Thanks!

MC: How would describe the bands music to someone who has not yet heard it?

MIKE: I would call it PURE THRASH METAL! Granted there are some death metal influences here and there but overall it is THRASHY as hell!!! The Bay Area thrash scene is our main influence and we mix it with the sounds and attitude of other genres to infuse a new THRASH beast! Metallica/Megadeth/Pantera/Slayer are who we get compared to most.

MC: How has the response been to the CD? Has it been mostly positive reviews?

MIKE: Yes we have received mostly positive reviews! Every now and again some fuck hates us! HAHAHA Like this chick in Poland that gave us a horrible review. But oh well. We do what we do and if you love it, WE LOVE YOU! If you hate it, go listen to metal core and kill yourself!

MC: Are you happy with the way the CD turned out and is there anything you would change about it?

MIKE: There are a few sound issues I would fix if we had had more time and money. But we did the best weÊcould with the time and money allotted. When I listen to the recordÊI still enjoy the songs but I feel we deliver better live and wishÊa record could have that live power. We'll strive for that next go round.

MC: Where you guys live is there a good metal scene down there and do you get to play live a lot?

MIKE: We have NO metal scene here in good old Charlotte, NC. Mostly scene kids and wannabe death metal here. We play live a lot, just not in our town very often! It kinda sucks but we want to blow up everywhere not just here so every show is a step in the right direction!

MC: Have you shared the stage with any national acts yet and how do you rate yourselves as a live band?

MIKE: We have played with Within Chaos, Hey Bastard!, and a few others. But the main national we played with that was a huge honor was EXODUS!!! We opened for them and Warbringer and it was just a killer pure thrash show! I feel that we destroy live! We always get pits, headbanging, and madness at our shows and we make believers out of people who have never seen or heard us! Come see us and get ready to RAGE! I definitely don't think we've ever been blown off the stage by anyone we've played with and I never get scared to follow anyone but have been told it sucks to follow us!

MC: When can we expect some new material from the band?

MIKE: There are two new songs on the My Space player now. Reaper of Justice and Christiansanity. They are recorded really well andÊwe think a good step of growth for the band CHECK EM OUT!!! We are always writing so a new album will be on the horizon soon! We're focused on touring more for this record now but we'll keep releasing songs via the net until we put together a record.

MC: How does a song come together and what was the hardest song you have had to write so far?

MIKE: Madison and myself do all the writing so we work together for the majority of songs/parts. We start with an idea and just build on it. We work really well together and compliment each others styles. So they flow out of us pretty easily. The hardest song to complete thus far was Who Am I? It is a seven minute song with no repeating parts and getting it to flow and not sound retarded was difficult. It took about six months of arranging. We are proud of that one,

MC: Plug any websites you might have and what will people see if they go to them?

MIKE: www.myspace.com/finalcurse Every band has their My Space and so do we!! Ten songs, shit loads of pictures, and a few videos! Links to reviews and bio. Regular shit that's on everyone else's! www.Darkharvestrecords.com is our labels website where you can check out other awesome metal!

MC: Do you have or plan on uploading any videos to You Tube?

MIKE: There are some live videos of us on there. We need to stop being lazy and get some quality footage up there! Soon!! I promise!

MC: About how many hours in a week are spent doing band related stuff and how do you go about promoting the band?

MIKE: Countless hours are spent each day doing the band business. Myself and Stev-o pretty much do everything promotional wise. It's hard work but we have to trudge on the make this band move forward. We do so much it'd be impossible to list all we do. The bottom line is to INFECT AS MANY EARS AS POSSIBLE! We have to spread the word and play in every corner of the world so the Curse can be spread!

MC: What are some things you like to do when your not doing band related stuff besides your job?

MIKE: I personally enjoy going to shows of bands I adore, going to movies, playing pool and football, and going to all the Carolina Panthers football games (I own 4 seats in the stadium) and go to the away games when I can too! Go PANTHERS!

MC: Have you ever gotten any flack over the band name at all?

MIKE: We have had a few religious nuts say we're evil. But I don't consider that flack, I consider it hilarity!

MC: What do your parents think about you being in an underground metal band?

MIKE: They are all supportive of us all and come out to our shows at home and pimp our name to all their friends! HAHA Even my grandmother comes to our shows!

MC: What was the best concert you ever saw and what is your favorite band?

MIKE: The best show I ever saw was Metallica. I've seen them 10 times so picking one is too hard but they are the best live band ever. Period. A close second is when I saw Pantera/Slayer/Morbid Angel when I was 15. That show rocked my fucking life. RIP Dime. We miss you brother!

MC: Have you gotten any reviews you felt were unfair?

MIKE: Not unfair. There was this aforementioned Polish girl who hated us and said American metal bands weren't talented enough, She smells bad.....haha But that's her opinion. Not everyone can be smart!! haha

MC: I am out of questions. Horns up for the interview. Any last words the floor is yours?

MIKE: Well thanks for taking the time to talk to us and for the support and interest! Check out the My Space and tell all your friends about us! We want to come and melt your faces LIVE!! Pick up a CD and shirt too! We're fucking poor!! HahaÊ HORNS UP AND KEEP SUPPORTING UNDERGROUND METAL!!!

Much Respect
Mike and Final Curse