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Die Hard are a crushing old school death/black metal band and after I heard the bands CD i knew I had to interview them. Here is an email interview with Harry and Hasse. Read it and DIE HARD!!!

MC: How did the band form and what is the current lineup?

Harry: Die Hard formed in a evil blasphemy night in November of 2005.
The line up was me on bass, Danne on vocals, John on guitar and Pontus on battery. This line up split up couple of months later. After that a couple of band members have join and left hehe. The current lineup formed January 2008. Harry on Bass, Hasse on Guitar and Vocals and Hakan battery.

MC: How would you describe your music and how has the response been to the band so far?

Harry: Die Hard sound like the perfect band I always wanted to hear, I mean these days I thinks the new thrash metal sucks. Die hard found the sound that I think of heroes from the past have, I mean we have the aggressive, speed, darkness, hatred and no fucking growl on the vocals and that is the sign of old school thrash metal.

Hasse: Yeah it's just a fucking slaughter

Harry: The response of Die Hard has been great from the first time we enter the myspace and let people listen to our stuff. I mean our first and one and only Demo "Emissaries Of The Reaper" sold out very fast and the label Anger Of Metal from Germany sign Die Hard for a 7 inch EP limited to 500 hand sign copies.

MC: Did you name the band after the Venom tune or you didn't know till later on and who designed the logo for the band?

Harry: HELL YEAH the name is from the mighty Venom song Die Hard not the fucking movies. The logo is designed by John as was with the band in the past.

MC: I have the CD you sent me and it of course crushes. Are you happy with the way it turned out and do you plan on sending it to any record companies to get a possible deal?

Harry: It is not Die Hard as send you the records it is S.M.P. Records the label that have release it in Sweden. When I am all ready in the talk about labels, I can tell you that "Evil Always Return" are going to be released on CD by Mexican EMF-Records, Abyss records in the US and as a MLP on Agonia Records in Poland.
Hell fucking yeah itÕs a killer record he he it sounds just as we want it to sound.

MC: Have you got to play live much and if so how has that been for you so far?
Harry: Our first gig was in September 2007 in Gothenburg, Sweden. After that we have played in Holland / Germany, with the German thrash Warrant / Norway with Watain/Obscurity/Nifelheim and that they have been few in Sweden too. But Die Hard are going to gig more I promise you.

Hasse: At all our past gigs the response has been very good. And a lot of beer as well.

MC: How much time in a week is spent on band related things and do all the members get along pretty much?

Harry: All the fucking time!!!

MC: How does a song come together and do you have to get yourself in any kind of mood to write a song?

Harry: The most of the time me Harry written the music and bring the stuff to the rehearsal room and we all worked it out. About any kind of mood, not much.

Hasse: The best mood is that of severe drunkness.

MC: Are lyrics important to the band at all?

Hasse: I'd say that lyrics is in a way important but it's not like we're trying to spread some fucking message to the world or something. We're just here to fucking thrash the hell out of you! The lyrical themes are dark, hateful and violent 'cause THRASHING is always fuckin violent!

Harry: Hell yeah as long as it's hatred/Satan/necro and violence it's good for Die Hard

MC: Do you think many of today's bands are missing that feeling, passion, etc., of the old bands?

Harry: Fuck yeah,,,, the most band of today is really shit. Some of the good heroes from the past keep the banner high today. Venom/Onslaught/Sodom/Destruction/Celtic Frost are some of them.

Hasse: Yeah, a lot of today's bands focus on technique and shit instead of focusing on writing good songs. Well, they can play a hundred fast technical riffs in every song and it will still come out like some modern neothrash shit that lacks every ounce of passion.

MC: If you had say what bands you most sound like what bands would they be and why?

Harry: Die Hard sound is more like the early -80 black/thrash like Venom/Slayer/Sodom and Celtic Frost. This is the sound we like to play and I think we got it. I mean we have got many reviews and all agree that we sound like our heroes.

MC: Is there any one song or songs that you might do a cover of one day or that you do in concert?

Harry: Yes we are going to play Venom's Die Hard. But I can think that we are going to do some covers with Sodom and Destruction in the future.

MC: Do you like seeing some of these old bands getting back together or would you rather just have them not get back together?

Harry: I really like to see some bands getting back, but some can stay home and be old.

MC: How have you been promoting the CD and have you gotten any bad or unfair reviews?

Hasse: No

Harry: Hell No

MC: I know you have a website as well as a My Space page. Give me the url's of both and what will people find when they long onto each one of them.


www.diehard. se

diehard.se is temporarily down so I suggest you check out our myspace.


MC: Tell me a little bit about each band member and do you all pretty much like all the same bands?

Harry: Of course, we are all on the past thrash / black metal. It has nothing to do in Die Hard if you just listen to all the damned new metal

MC: What are some of your favorite concerts that you have seen over the years?

Harry: Venom / Celtic Frost / Onslaught / Sodom at Sweden Rock Festival 2006

Hasse: Sodom, Destruction, Slayer, Mercyful Fate

MC: Is there a big metal scene where you live and do many stores or shops sell underground metal stuff?

Hasse: No

Harry: Not much, In Sweden is not many great band today. Only Die Hard!!!

MC: Any plans of posting a vide of the band maybe on your My Space page or on You Tube?

Harry: Yes its coming.

Hasse: In time we'll post a live video from Oslo... probably...

MC: When can e expect some new material from you guys?

Harry: Hell yeah, in the summer/autumn -09 our album are going to release. Die Hard have sign a deal with the Poland record label AGONIA RECORDS.

MC: I am out of questions. Horns up for the interview and any last words?

Harry: Great to see that some US metalheads are interested in Die Hard.