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Death by Metal

Paul Sanchez used to do a great fanzine back in the day called "Death By Metal" and when we re connected on Facebook I thought it would be fun to do an interview with him about the old days and well here is it is and a great interview it is:
MC: What sort of kid were you growing up? Did you live in Texas at the time cause when I got to know you and when you were doing your zine that is where you were based out of?
PS: I was a loner as a kid did have a lot of friends at the time who doesn't at that age. The years I got older I had less friends since i always tried to find my place you know growing up is sometimes hard especially as kid who is different who listens to certain kind of music, looks different even living conditions poor, middle class, etc. I was always middle class according to society standards i never understood that being labeled. I was a kid with an imagination always making things up, writing weird things down like ideas for music even at the age of 8 or 9 years old i always wanted to do something with music either write for a zine or write songs, etc. My imagination was unlimited to my dreams at the time never knew what life had for me at the time. Even at the time looking back i had an overactive imagination to being me, creative things changed in 1988 when I ordered the zine called RIPPING HEADACHES. That's when my life for the Underground came to life, saw different I explain later on that. Yes I had a decent childhood especially having 2 hard working parents work 2 jobs each to support 8 people living in a 2 bedroom house which is insane but manage to keep the family together in hard times. I Love and admire my parents for that even to this day for that. That's another story in all. Yes I have lived in Texas all my life the 35 years of my life, I like it and won't change it for the world, reasonable living not a high cost but it’s plain and boring at time. Nothing to do here but get drunk, raise hell time and time. I am getting to old for any of that and have things far more important than making a fool of myself. When I started my first zine called GLOBAL ROT was in 1991 did a newsletter didn't know much how to do things remember i was like 12 years old learning to do things reading a lot of zines i could order or afford to buy them at the time. I did everything when i lived my parents heck i was a kid pretty much didn't have anywhere to go then. LOL.
MC: What did you want to be when you were growing up and what were some things you did for fun back in those days?
PS: That's an interesting question honestly I wanted to be a lot of things growing up from a WWF wrestler to auto mechanic to musician but in reality I was just a dreamer I wanted to be many things nothing happened I just lived my life and see where it took me. If I would have guess what I would of become in all fairness I thought a would be a deadbeat kind of dreamer but my parents always told me follow my dreams/goals and achieve them if I succeed or not as long am happy. So I did. I really do much for fun but make believe towns with my cars or play with my GIJOE's or He Man's action figures. Nothing to exciting. LOL.

MC: When did music start to enter your life and what were some early styles of music that you liked?
PS: Good question as I a kid the music I heard a lot was country legends like FREDDY FENDER, JOHNNY CASH, WILLIE NELSON, ELVIS PRESLEY the classics cause my dad would play them when use to get drunk or at family gatherings. I was a big fan of Weird Al at the time nothing Metal so far til early 1987 my older brother Dino let showed me the covers of Metallica's Masters Of Puppet and Iron Maiden's "Number Of The Beast" that gave me the goose bumps I heard of that music but never really took it in yet remember am 8 or 9 years old. I discovered it more when i found a video tape of bands may brother taped from Headbangers Ball at the time. I discovered W.A.S.P. Dokken, Stryper, etc. many bands of that era you know. My taste of music was developing sort of I can say.
MC: Before you got into metal did you buy a lot of cassettes/cds and stuff like that or did that come later on?
PS: Actually I never did bought anything at the time i use to listen to what times my brother had. I didn't know much about music at the time i listen to what i heard and liked at the time. It wasn't til i was 10 years old i started to get into music little bit more bought a couple of tapes like Black Sabbath, Mercyful Fate, even a Stryper tape. Damn, i was brutal kid. LOL. It wasn't it i got the zine RIPPING HEADACHES when my whole taste in music change got more deeper and extreme. I tried to order demos/zines whenever i could get money to buy them. Nowadays I have some of the demos/zines to this day kind of like a looking back where it all start for me. Good memories innocent yet very extreme for those times.
MC: Now how did the evil world of heavy metal enter your world? How did you discover it and what were some of the 1st bands that you heard and what did you think of them and who got you exposed to the style of music?
PS: My brother listen to the normal nowadays are legends Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Dokken, Stryper, WASP, Accept, AcDc, Ozzy I think even Slayer. Can't remember clearly at the moment. I think they were like the 1st bands I heard as a kid that were my training my ears to what is too come. I didn't know much about them especially what they were saying I liked the music foremost because it was catchy and felt right do you get what I mean. I did thank my older brother Dino bout that he said that's cool glad i found it better than doing drugs and was better than any drugs if you ask me.
MC: Now after a few weeks was this style of music like a drug that you wanted more and more of and if so how did you feed into that obsession?
PS: Yes, I did became obsessed with after I got the issue of RIPPING HEADACHES i discovered bands like PAINEATER, DEATH YELL, ASSUCK, PUNGENT STENCH, CANNIBAL CORPSE, NAPALM DEATH, AMON (pre-DEICIDE), INCUBUS, EXCEL and 100s more. I had a friend I met at the age of 10 who introduced me to christian metal bands like DELIVERANCE, VENGEANCE RISING, BRIDE, BELIEVER, LEAD so every direction new more extreme music came into my life. I didn't care what they talked about as long the music got me and i liked it matter to me. When I was a kid i never thought most of these bands ever make impact in my life because i didn't think that far ahead.
MC: If you can remember, were there any bands that when you heard them you absolutely hated them and later on grew to like them?
PS: Yes WHITE LION, CELTIC FROST' and MORBID (hard to believe looking back my brother had there demo tape). I don't know why i hated them thinking about it i thought they were too boring, ugly and horrible now i admire them a lot older i got i understood there music. I know its weird have them 3 bands in one sentence. Oh well. LOL.
MC: Now I know Texas had a great metal scene back in the day with bands like Helstar, Gammacide, etc. Early on did you get to see many concerts as I am sure bands like Slayer, Testament, Exodus, etc always played shows there? What are some early shows that you can remember that stick out in your head?
PS: I didn't really know much about the scene in Texas at the time nothing like today you can go on any social media network you can find out what’s happening back then it was word of mouth or big metal magazines or radio stations letting you know. At the time i was too young to do anything and going to concerts was not concerned cause my parents won't let me or drive me to them or had no money to go. I think the first show I went to was a local show done at friend’s house with a couple local bands this is 1991/2 at one of the bands garage. But the major show I went to that stands out is FORBIDDEN/MALEVOLENT CREATION then SLAYER/MORTIFIX, SACRED REICH/SEPULTURA, CANNIBAL CORPSE/UNLEASHED, UNLEASHED/BROKEN HOPE/DEMENTED TED, FEAR FACTORY, DREAM THEATER, Y. MALSTEEN, TYPE O NEGATIVE/LIFE OF AGONY, PANTERA/WHITE ZOMBIE so far come to mind Chris. I went to a few shows being so young were great later on i got to see bands get there start from HATE BREED, SHADOW'S FALL, HANK WILLIAMS III, SOULFLY so far i can remember at the moment
MC: What were some stores that you went to buy stuff at? Was it a local store pretty much or did you have go get into a car and make a trek an hour or so or more to go buy stuff?
PS: There was Hastings Records and a local record store called RALPH'S RECORDS where i got most of my releases and i still go to them and look around never know what classics i come across to this day. In those times i didn't have a car or anything i would tape trade a lot or buy them from friends who didn't want them at the time. It all depends really if i had money remember i was young, broke and still learning. Heck i am still learning to this day. Ha Ha
MC: At what point did you discover the underground metal scene, and in saying that, I mean bands that were on small record labels or that just had demos out? What were some early bands that you discovered and did you ever do any tape trading at all with people?
PS: EXCELLENT QUESTION. I said earlier i got a flyer from a classmate who gave of RIPPING HEADACHES zine this is 1988 i had saved some money from lunch i ordered it and there a week later at my parents mailbox got a package of the zine. I was shocked of the cover, it was intense, everything was new again and i knew i wasn't in the wonderland of Metal anymore. From there everything changed for me... I wrote to every band, zine, label, etc. who i can get demos from am 10 yrs. old i couldn't afford anything my chance to get something new by asking many of them. I got some demos, letters saying send money for postage or stamps for them or got no response at all. I did a couple of demos from bands like PROPHECY, SEKEL and couple of more i can't remember. They send me the demos for free and couple of zines like Slaughterhouse send me a copy for free. It’s been so long time i can't remember at the moment.
MC: At what point did you learn that fanzines existed and what were some of the early fanzines that you read and checked out?
PS: My bible of zines that started for me was RIPPING HEADACHES i discovered in 1988. So many bands to this day i have become close friends (and buy there releases) with many them bands on personal level like Mark from PAINEATER. Another band that introduced me to what heavy death metal can sound without guitar pure genius of a band if you ask me. I did order there demos back then but never got it even a shirt never got them neither. Mark did give me a demo and shirt some 10 years later after we talked about it over the phone in the late 90s early 2000s got my long overdue demo/shirt. Thanks Mark you a Great friend. I ordered a lot of zines at the time sometimes I never got anything from them. Bummer, no hard feelings nowadays. I think i did order from you Chris, yes i did i have the issue still somewhere in my house. Trying to remember who was on the cover of your zine at time. You did send it to me fast with tons of flyers.

MC: Now prior to you starting up your own fanzine, did you do any prior writing for any fanzines?
PS: No sir, i didn't have no desire to do anything or had any writing experience looking back i just wrote what i thought. I go back read zine editor reviews over and over. To get an understanding on how things were said when written, learn from others but put my opinions in there. I learned from many zines then again what i learned in school i put everything together. I always felt even to this day am horrible writer kid you not. I know you have to go back and correct this interview. At the time i would write poetry or lyrics that's it when it came to writing.
MC: Now what led to the decision of you starting up your own fanzine and how long did it take you from the idea of starting one to actually having and publishing your 1st issue?
PS: The creation of my 1st zine/newsletter was 1991 i called it GLOBAL ROT. I don't know why i picked that name. Back in those days remember ordering zines you read there flyers they looked great the flyers then got an issue the issue sucked from layout and writing. I think they did the zines for free stuff and probably weren't anybody to order them. Ha Ha. I figured i could do better. At the time i had plenty of time to write and ask for free demos, etc. I use to write to bands ask them for demos some send others no response back or send tape and postage for demo. Did plenty of those cause i didn't have much money or anything. One of the first zines in 91 that introduced me to crust/grind/ noize where i discovered bands like EXTREME SMOKE, EXCREMENT OF WAR etc. was a zine called GLOBAL ABUSE zine. They helped me somewhat with demos from bands. From there i got Wild Rag! send me some releases then i came across a flyers and send a buck get a demo 2 bands that come to mind that i send a buck got a lot of flyers of more bands was INTERNAL BLEEDING and HELLNATION. Those 2 bands opened the door to the Underground where i came across flyers of GRAND BELIAL'S KEY, CRUCIFIER, MYTHIC, ACHERON, SATHANAS, LETHAL PRAYER, many others. I wrote more and more, bought more demos/zines got interested. Looking back great times yet i had A LOT to learn what's to come. GLOBAL ROT zine was started i think i interviewed INTERNAL BLEEDING and GLOBAL ABUSE zine. I don't have any copies i think i made only like 20 copies had like 15 reviews with some flyers.
MC: How did you come up with your name for your zine, "Death By Metal" and were any other names tossed around and looking back were you happy you used that name for it?
PS: I took the name from the legendary MANTAS demo no denying that. I thought the name was cool and had a punch maybe get more people to get interested in my zine. Before I used that name i was using the name LA MUERTE for one issue that was 94/95 no. 2 before started to use DBM with my 3 and 4th issues. I think it was 1996 i changed the name to Death By Metal, which i interviewed you and IMMOLATION and SYMPHONY OF GRIEF for those 2 issues. I was going to use the names or coined was Face In The Sky (my poetry and flyers) and Sick Of This Life. Those names didn't fit so i never used them but I would use them for later and did a zines for them in between that never saw the light of darkness. I still have them done just need to print them. They were kinda of black humor especially Sick Of This Life zine has a tribute to Vincent Crowley and ACHERON, Top 10 albums to kill yourself to, etc. kinda immature to my standards. I look back it was ahead of its time compared to other zines i later bought like ANSWER ME and FUCK magazines. They inspired me to do that zine that way. I did everything with metal not social anarchy rebellion like them. I love those zines very deep and i understand them now in my mid 30s what they were doing/saying back then i was just a music fan not an activist.
MC: Take me through the steps of putting out your 1st issue. Did you have any idea what you were doing and did you do the zine all by yourself or did you have other people/writers with the zine?
PS: AHHHHHH. Just kidding. Lots of cut and paste, wait weeks to months on interviews even review tapes/cds i had in my collection or whatever tape traders send me. It was a long process back them for me. I didn't know what I was doing or ever expecting the outcome of each release honestly Between issues especially issue of La Muerte took me almost 2 years to release everything in that issue was outdated it is sad. Ha Ha. Only made like 30 copies xerxoed copies cost me a lot with no money which was limited cause no job, living at home, still in high school with no care for any career in the future. The zine was my escape with the music i listened to myself and had some friends who knew what was the underground. Most of them got into cause of me i always had a new demo or something to show them. I remember when i introduced them to ACHERON they never heard anything like that except Deicide or Morbid Angel. I never had any well-known writers at the point cause i never asked some my friends help with reviews or interview if they came across something cool or interesting. I add them to the zine cause i had a lot of room to put more things for it. I wanted my zine to be cool. I remember a couple of zines like STRESS RELATED, REAL SICKNESS and CHAINLETTER liking my zine even you liked it cause it was a young zine written by a teen passionate for the Underground. I got some respect from the Underground was great made my day.

MC: Now as far as the interviews went, did you just send a bunch of interviews out via the mail or were any of them done in person? How about reviews? Were they just done with stuff you had brought or did you write bands asking for demos to review?
PS: I did most of my interviews by snail mail at the time. I did a couple interviews in person but most never made to print like NAPALM DEATH, ARCH ENEMY, CATHERDAL, even PYREXIA. I used to send a bunch of interviews most of the time i get them back later for that i couldn't print them for issue no. 2 of La Muerte so i had to use them for no. 3 and 4 (put together in one issue) i think it was 1996 when that come out i had interviews with JAMES MURPHY, GOAT OF THE HARVEST zine, MAINFRAME/AUTUMN DAWN, INFERNAL, ACHERON, my punk/grind band PLASTIC KIDS, METAL-CORE zine, DESPERATE CORRUPTION, MASOCHISM, HELLBOUND, DECEASED, GRAND BELIAL'S KEY, PHOBIA, IMMOLATION, EL PECADO, and many more i can't remember. I know i did a lot of reviews too that i collected over the years. I did both, I brought some releases or got promos from labels or the bands send me tapes/cds. It was all good.
MC: Did you have a logo and how did you decide upon the cover? Around how many pages was it and how many copies did you print up and where did you get them printed up at and how much money did you lose on it ha ha?
PS: By the time i started to use the Death By Metal zine name I had to come up with a better logo and make it better ever before. I started to look around Brad Moore wrote me a letter that he wanted to do my logo. At the time I never heard of him respectfully. I told him sure next i knew in my box i got the logo and i was like what the hell, wow!!! Damn speechless. That easy. I been told by many people that it’s one of the best zine logos they ever seen. I don't know about that then again am wrong sometimes. What do you think Chris??? I think it was 1997 i think. I asked a friend of mine named Gil Russell who did a zine SO, WHY WORRY too cause he started to make his zine newspaper pressing he was based out of Midland/Odessa area when is an 4 hr. drive from here to there. We wrote and called each other to talk about how he got his zine printed and looked damn great and printed like 1000 copies at a real reasonable price and got more out there and sell cheap, etc. So then the internet was still early i went locally then on the web to get my zine printed newspaper style. I asked got in contact with place in Florida who did that for a cheap reasonable price so i got hold of them and ask for prices and i was living at home still saved money from my dish washing job then again i was partying a lot my mind was everywhere. I got issue no. 5 (Deceased/Adversary on the cover) printed this time there now i could get more exposure, etc. 1000 copies 1000 flyers out and it got reviewed in Metal Maniacs Magazine. Let me say I lost more money than ever made. It was never bout the money it was bout doing what you like letting people know what bands i like better than others. Expressing my opinions even if it didn't matter. The desire was there not much talent i did for the Love of the art. It got me somewhere and I was starting to look what i wanted to do with my life. I was 19 yrs. old when i did Death By Metal in 1997 once i did that the fire got me burning to start another issue looking back on my previous issues i wanted leave a mark on the Underground i started working on issue no. 6 (66) The Number Of The Beast.
MC: How did you go about promoting it? Did you sell any in stores or at shows? Did you like everybody else back in the day; did you make a ton of flyers and pass them out in your mail?
PS: I did the same thing almost every zine editor did send out TONS OF FLYERS everywhere to anybody even family members in birthday cards if you had to. Ha Ha I did get some letters the far most I did get more promo packs from labels. Because I send an issue letting them know that i was a Real issue not some guy who wanted free cds, etc. I send them flyers then next thing I know i am getting packages from other labels wanting me to review. Flyers helped a lot best feeling was getting cds of bands you liked or new bands you read bout but never got there releases cause neither too poor or always distracted by other bands who had something new to offer.
MC: What was the overall response to the issue and how soon after issue # 1 came out did you start to work on issue # 2?
PS: When I started with Global Rot i printed a limited amount like 20 or 30 copies got some trades then on La Muerte zine no. 2 I printed like 20 or 40 copies little better. I printed A LOT of flyers got more responses by the time i send the issues the zine was outdated so were the reviews. Everything was slower back then unlike today. As I changed the name to Death By Metal I printed only 40 or 50 copies things picked up but not that much. Medium pace i can say.
MC: Did you start to notice as you put more issues out that the zine got easier to do and that bands and labels started sending you stuff to review and that you got more orders and more mail etc?
PS: Well, I can say it was even til i went newspaper, got the new logo and printed a 1000 copies an issue. Things really changed as the Underground. The internet gave birth to promoting a little better but either way i had to send flyers still give them out at shows etc. so people can know I existed locally too. I did get a few orders but I did get a lot trades with zines/ labels and bands which was great always something new to listen too. Mail wise i did get a few people wanting a zine; I would send them a copy or 2 with lots of flyers after that i would get more bands/labels to review them. Which was exciting.

 MC: How many issues did you end up putting out and what made you decide to fold doing the zine? When you put out your last issue did you know at the time it was going to be your last issue?
PS: At the end of the zine... from the name changes to issues i made every time i released from 1991-1999. I released 6 struggling heart-hate fistful of metal issues. I think the only band I interviewed more than anybody is Vincent Crowley of ACHERON more than anybody through the years. He was very supportive hell he sent me advance copies of every Acheron release to the last issue even sent me a shirt but i had to pay for postage. Ha Ha. I last issue was in 1999, i was done things in my life was changing like the change of seasons. I was slowly getting into writing music with friends, getting drunk and women was a very reasons i quit doing the zine in 1999. Ha Ha
MC: What were some of your favorite memories of doing the zine and some of the worst things about doing a zine?
PS: Meeting a lot cool people, getting free demos/tapes/zines were the best part of it. The worse cut-and-paste, hours on hours trying to make the best from the older issues and look at other zines and try to outdo them and make it better and interesting.
MC: Looking back do you think you were pretty fair and honest with all your reviews? Did you ever have a band send you a nasty letter due to you giving them a bad review?
PS: To be honest with you I really didn't like doing reviews cause i felt each there other to liking. But I did reviewed a lot i gave some bad reviews most bands/labels accepted the realism/ honest so like them. Never got a nasty letter but I did a couple bands that i need to listen to music better. Ha Ha
MC: After the zine folded, did you do any writing for any other zines and did you continue to follow with the underground scene?

PS: I did some writing and helped a couple of zines that i some people want to do in 2004. I gave them their names, did some reviews and an interview or 2. But they never released them cause they were drunk or lazy or poor to print them. That is how it goes sometimes. I never wanted to do it again. Yes i kept supporting the Underground buy demos, zines anything worth my money even to this day. I am proud, ugly and underground.
MC: What were some of your favorite interviews that you did and were there any bands that you really wanted to interview, but never got a chance?
PS: All the interviews were my favorites only wish the bands spend more time on them. I have to say the interview Ray Miller did Jack Botos of Portrait Of Defiance zine in issue no 6. Has to be my favorite so far. I wished i could have published the interviews i did with Pyrexia, Arch Enemy, Napalm Death, Catherdal and Exodus they were in person but i didn't have a recorder to do them. What an excuse right. Ha ha I was young still learning but i did have great conversions with them.
MC: What are some of your favorite bands and who is your favorite and why?

PS: Too many to mention my name. 3 top bands are MOTORHEAD, ANTI-SEEN and SAINT VITUS. Nowadays i listen to a lot more diverse bands from Werewolf Jerusalem to Grave to The Highwaymen to Hank Williams III. Many bands are important in my life at different times help me thru the hard times and good times. My life is a soundtrack no matter what’s happening in it. I am a fan of Nick 13.
MC: What are your thoughts on bootlegs and have you ever brought one?
PS: I have no problems with bootlegs as long you don't sell them to make a living off the band but support them and get there music out. I have a lot bootlegs that i got from many friends especially Keith Dempe of Eternal Darkness zine. He got into obscure cult bands to this day i buy when i find them.
MC: Do you still have copies of all your issues and are any extras around?
PS: No. Only my copies i have kept for myself is the only ones i have. I gave the last remaining copies years ago to various friends who never knew i did a zine back in the 90s. I may have a couple of copies but i have to look for them i know i have a few of yours and So, Why Worry maybe 5 or 6 copies i don't know I have to check. I did see a copy of issue 6 on ebay a while back for 20 bucks. Which was weird to see it at that price when i sold it for 3 bucks. Ha Ha
MC: Out of all your issues do you have a favorite?
PS: The last issue no. 6 was my favorite because i got everything on time, reviews were better and i spend little time on the layout and turned out better than the rest of the previous issues. It got me a lot of respect from the Underground as a new breed of zines i think it was an end of an era for zines everything went internet. Computers were in almost in every home.
MC: Are you at all surprised the underground is still around today and how about such bands as Metallica, Slayer and the success they have had?
PS: Yes it is... it’s different you see legends like Paul Speckman, King Fowley, Vincent Crowley, Cazz Grant, Kam Lee, Rick Rozz, Mike Browning and others on facebook being themselves and human like us. When I use to buy there demos/albums read about them in zines now in my mid 30s they are nice crazy people. Many signed my cd inserts which is awesome. Everybody paid their dues, deserve it whether i like them or not. They are the masters of the arts of metal. What can I say?
MC: What are your thoughts on thrash, black, death and heavy metal?
PS: I love the both 80s and 90s thrash, black, death and heavy metal all most them bands those bands built the foundations of what current. What i don't like is that some of the fans don't go bands that started it think the current bands are better than the older bands. Get what am saying.
MC: Do you feel there is way too many bands and labels out there these days and that there is too many average and below average bands around?
PS: Yes i do i feel there are too many bands/labels reminds me a lot of the days with the death metal breakout in early 90s then the black metal plague of the late 90s in between the whole Pantera/Sepultura clones. People aka new metalheads discovered metal 6 months ago or 2 years ago know what everything bout metal cause of Metal Archives.com Start labels, promoters etc. start promoting Deftones bands calling themselves thrash. Ha ha or saying Superjoint Ritual is a grindcore band. Ha ha!

MC: Do you see CD going the way of vinyl one day soon and that all or most music will just be downloaded off the internet?
PS: I hate downloading i am a fan of cassette, cd and vinyl i still collect them if the band i want are in those formats. Downloads are good as long you go buy and support the band you like i don't mind that or listen on your ipod, etc. I prefer having the actual band release because i like reading lyrics etc. I think some of this generation Zombies kinda lost the true meaning of what the Underground like when we got into. It’s just opinion.
MC: Speaking of, if you think the internet was around that your zine would have been bigger as far as sales go?
PS: Maybe yes and no. I think i would have been struggling issue to issue. I think my zine would of have gotten bigger i don't know about that. I would of like my zine like Sounds Of Death Mag with the in depth writing of Flipside would have been awesome. I would never know.
MC: What do you think of webzines and do you go and visit many?
PS: I do sometimes not too much... I occasionally visit your site because it’s interesting other than that not really.
MC: Do you have any rare things in your collection and is there anything you would like to see get re-issued on cd one day?
PS: I do have Christ Denied 95 demo, Paineater 1991 Hypersexual Pyschoviolence demo, I have original Christdriver lp that i can recall at the moment i don't have much like yourself or others. Nothing special.
MC: Do you think with sites such as My Space, Reverbnation and stuff that the underground has lost some of its identity so to speak?
PS: Myspace was great as long it lasted meeting a lot of great bands/ people. Reverbnation great to promote new bands on the international level is good. I think the identity of the veterans of the Underground especially on facebook helping bring the revival of Underground again. Many younger kids realizing that we paved the way in music, zines everything for them and showing respect to the bands that started it. The Underground is a way of Life NOT an attitude.

MC: Now as far as Facebook goes, besides my old ass, have you re connected with many other people from back in the days of your fanzine?
PS: Yes i have here we are 14 years later after my zine has been dead I am getting interviewed by you, which i thought that is never going to happened. I have become friends with many bands from the past i from Pyrexia, Suffocation, Massacre, Vital Remains, Crucifier, and lots more. It’s interesting many remember me still as the kid who used to write them a lot some I remind them they owe me demos because i ordered them never got nothing from them. Ha Ha. It’s great to be actual friends with many of them even you Chris after all these years.
MC: Have you ever gone on Ebay and seen a copy of your zine on there and if so, how much was the going price for it?
PS: Yes i have i seen an issues of both 5 and 6 go for 20 to 40 bucks each. I have no problem on that. I was just shocked people still have them after all these years.
MC: Have you ever gone and did a Google search on your fanzine and if you have, what popped up?
PS: Yes I have I always seem to get the logo Brad Moore did something special and it’s shocked me that more people remember the zine than even the bands i was in after i quit doing the zine.
MC: If anybody wanted to start up a fanzine/webzine, what advice would you give them?
PS: Good Luck!!! LOL. Takes time do it for the music not for the trend. Foremost do it because you want to Support the music you love not because it’s going to make you a local hero or whatever. Be honest, take your time go back listen to the bands that started do your homework ask current writers and former editors for advice and be creative.
MC: So what are you doing with yourself these days?

PS: I am married these days. I have a full time job that I have had for the last 13 years and I have more of a steady life. I go online a lot as you know and I am always on Facebook. I spend a lot of time with my wife, home and we haven't been blessed with any kids yet I would like too someday. Right now we take life day by day. Cannot think ahead you know.
MC: Do you still follow the underground much these days and what are some of the things music wise that rattle your brain these days?
PS: Yes i do very much just musical genres especially doom metal, raw crust black metal, harsh noise, heavy death metal certain bands that have some to offer. I like a lot of harsh noise artist like Black Leather Jesus and Priest In Shit.
MC: If you ever could be one musician who would it be and why?
PS: Kam Lee from Death/Massacre he is a character and somebody I can completely understand about who you can trust in the music underground. Plus the man has been part of the creation of death metal, creates some of the best songs ever and was in the important bands. He start the vocals sound that many copied even Barney of Napalm Death does to this day. Kam Lee influence on me is very strong i like to work on various musical projects to this day that i am trying to achieve because it’s my only way to express myself.
MC: Do you feel you had a certain writing style and how would you rate yourself as a writer?
PS: Not really I rip off more people from other zines that is funny, I would never consider myself a writer but a fan of music who couldn't write LOL.
MC: Is there any band that you are surprised never made it big?
PS: Good question... I always like the band Souls At Zero (use to be Wrathchild America). I thought they had a great sound for the time i remember when they came out it was a fresh of breathe air for me. I didn't care for Wrathchild America when they changed their name, sound somewhat had a dark feel. I thought they were going to make. At the time boy i was wrong. LOL. Its interesting nobody ever heard of them even Godsmack fans never heard of them because Shannon Larkin beginning.
MC: Do you ever plan on doing any other writing or would you if asked maybe to do some reviews, etc?
PS: Maybe, i would like to but never know. I would do some reviews if only i get an actually cd/record to listen to in my hands not some download b.s. when i listen to a band i want to hold your hard work. Read lyrics, credits, etc. that's how you get to know a band not downloads.
MC: Do you follow or like any sports and what are some things you like to do relax?

PS: I am not much of sports fan. I am Wrestling fan I like old ECW and current WWE. I use to like sports when i was younger I got into the Underground everything change for me. I like to relax by keeping busy like this interview Ha Ha. I try to spend as much time with my wife and write music for my many bands/projects I am at the moment. I do drink beer here and there not much of a drinker anymore. I am always looking for vintage toys from the 80s like G.i.Joe and He-Man. Am kinda of a nerd. Ha Ha
MC: Paul I hope you enjoyed your trip down memory lane anything you want to plug or add please do?
PS: Thanks Chris for this Interview I never thought anybody be interested in my world or the world I built round me over the years. I know I never an impact in the Underground like you, Keith or Dale with your excellent zines that influenced me as a teen to my 20s it’s awesome. These days I play in a grind core band called CrucifiedxSociety (www.facebook.com/CrucifiedxSociety), doom metal band called The Funeral Serpent (www.facebook.com/TheFuneralSerpent) harsh noise artist project called Teethgnasher (www.facebook.com/Teethgnasher), a drone/doom/noise band called Ov Blood And Mockery and I have my own label called Doomsday's Today Records. You can search them both on Facebook and you go to the pages. If anybody wants to get a hold me go to Death By Metal Fanzine page on Facebook at www.facebook.com/DeathByMetalFanzine