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Crucifier is a thrash band from Greece and after hearing the bands CD I knew I just had to interview with them. I emailed some questions to the band and here is what they said:

MC: How long has the band been together and how long as this line-up been together and did any of you play in any other bands before?

CRU: Greetings from Greece-CRUCIFIER was formed in February of 1995 by Hlias "Thanatoid" Kyriazis (vocals) and Giorgos Kyriazis (bass guitar) in Athens, Greece. With 3 demos (1995-Infernal Pain / 1996-Totally Madness / 1998-Fear is your Mind)...tape rehersals demos 2 Ep's (2001-Innocent World / 2004-Escape or Die!) and a full length album (2002-Merciless Conviction) after several changes in the line-up, the band recorded the second full length (2006-Cursed Cross) with new members from 2003-'04 and '05 except Thanatoid. Crucifier have played in many live gigs until now and as a support they have played with Paul Di'Anno in 2003 and with Tankard once in 2004 in Athens and again in Larissa in 2006. Currently the band has changed once again his line-up with a new drummer, bass player and continue with one guitar. With this line up we are together almost a year Some of us had played in local underground bands...

MC: How did you come about to pick your band name as there are several other bands already with the same name?

CRU: When I was young I really liked that name and in the year of 1995 we chose the name ''crucifier'' with my cousin and that period we didn't know other bands with the same name...

MC: I have the CD you sent me and it is killer Kreator like thrash metal. What are your thoughts on the CD and are you happy with it?

CRU: About Cursed Cross album, our influences, our major influences are from Bay Area and Canadian bands too,we have influences from all over thrash scene ...united by thrash...we prefer old school thrash and old school sound because we are addicted to 80's fucking thrash...man, thrash 4 life but we are listening new thrash and many things but we prefer to play old school...xaxa take it as u will opiate the masses and opiate the religion cursed cross is an album against the world of 2007,against the nuclear war and the religions-well well-that guy is an metalhead like you like us who was crucified in the name of religion and in the name of war...the artwork made by a great friend of us (Alexandros Stsigkiel) ask him about more details...xaxa...yeah we are very( happy ) about that release ...and we have a lot of thoughts...aaarggggh

MC: Do you guys get a chance to play live much and have you shared the stage with any national acts and do you plan on posting some videos of the band on say You Tube?

CRU: In Greece we have a great thrash scene but the promoters don't support thrash they would like to promote melodic ,new metal and other bullshits ..check out -deny,mortal threat,conviction,dead city,death fiend,infest.......great local thrash metal bands-yes we have great scene, but veryunderground -we had played with Tankard 2 times in Athens in the year
of 2004, in Larissa in the year of 2006 2003 in Athens with Paul Di Anno ... and we had played with the greek-cult 80's thrash band Flames...aaargggh great thrash band...we have uploaded some videos on You tube ...if u want check them out-

MC: How would you descibe your music and how do you plan on going about promoting your CD?

CRU: -our music, three words i will give you-FUCKING THRASH METAL!!!!!!!!!! We released it alone and we send promos to some labels, zines, radio shows, we do trades with bands and we uploaded ''Cursed Cross'' album on the web-we uploaded Cursed Cross album in web because we really want everybody who wants to listen us and he hasn't money to buy it...or if someone couldn't find it to down load it fast ..and listen to us, we respect everyone who wants to listen us and I believe that method is very good !!

MC: Do you guys all get along and tell me a bit about each band member?

CRU: Boring question....I am to bored to descibe u our personalities...xaxa we are all good friends
and we have good cooperation and communication now we are like a family.

MC: Do you have any goals for yourselves and do you plan on shopping the CD to any labels?

CRU: The band have many goals for ourselves and we communicate with many labels one of them is Blower Records. Blower Records is a great underground label which is interested for us, we are interested for Blower, we learned about that label from our friends Strikemaster..great band very thrashy!

MC: How does a song come together? Does more than 1 band member contribute to the writing and are lyrics important to you guys?

CRU: All the members of the band helps ...nick and vaggos write the music me and nick write the lyrics....everyone helps...I told u we are like a family. Our lyrics are about socio-political subjects,like war world 3, like crimes against humanity, like toxic and nuclear threats, enviromental holocaust, and we write stories about persons who gets in madness from sick society. I hate all the goverments and we believe in the human rights. I hate that bastards who don't respect freedom of speach and it is a very big problem for the society independent independence.

MC: What are some of your favorite bands and do you like any non metal stuff?

CRU: some of my favorite bands are EXODUS, VIOLENCE, RAZOR, SLAUGHTER, SACRIFICE, DARK ANGEL, POSSESSED, NECRONOMICON, VIOLENT FORCE, ASSASSIN, DARKNESS DEATH, HELLHAMMER, TESTAMENT NUCLEAR ASSAULT,RIGOR MORTIS.....ENOUGH................. AND MANY MORE. We respect bands that respect their fans. Yes we listen many things we listen to heavy metal, HxC, BRITISH PUNK, hard rock, classic music....everything is good for us...we respect many kinds of music...but we are addicted tothrashhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Hobbies :books,football,fishing,cinema ( t.v.''sucks'' ), girls,girls girls

MC: Do you have a website besides your My Space page and what will get to see if they go to it?

CRU: No we haven't yet. The My Space page is:


Yes we will create a new hellsite for crucifier very soon. Thrash under pressure.

MC: Do you think thrash metal and old school metal in general is making a comeback of sorts?

CRU: We saw an underground big thrash movement all over the world. Thrash is back ...we believe....we know great bands from Europe from USA, from Canada from Brazil, from Japan from everywhere ....it is very good for all of us, thrash metal blitzkrieg again.

MC: Does Greece have many places for bands like yours to play and is there some decent metal shops where you can find underground metal stuff?

CRU: Greece have many places for bands to play, but old school there is very underground. Yes of course we have a couple of shops or decent metal shops in which you can buy underground metal stuff and rarities.

MC: Do you have a favorite song that you wrote and if you could do one cover song what would the song be and why?

CRU: "Fuck the fucking TV"!!! We hate TV, reach ,talk shows, sluts, gays, masturbators, new world, news, games, funny assholes, yuppies....... etc. Do u like TV man ???? (not really all this reality TV shit is just that-shit-chris). It is a song against TV-and it is my favorite one and it is called ''t.v."( truth's vileness ) Sure I have a lot of favorite songs one of them and i want to cover it is....POSSESSED'S song ...''My Belief''.

MC: What are your plans for 2008?

CRU: Many plans. We have new stuff, new songs faster and more aggressive. We will recording maybe in April-May 2008-just wait ...we will ear-ripping your fucking ears if you want we have uploaded two new songs in our site check them out!

MC: Any last words? Horns up for the interview?


Email: crucifier [email protected]

Website: www.myspace.com/crucifiergreece