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Adrenicide is a awesome crossover band and I emailed band member Nuno some questions to answer and here is what he said to them:

MC: Let's get the 1st boring question out of the way. Who is in the band now and how did the line up come together and did any of all of you come from other bands?

Nuno: The band line-up at the moment is: Nuno Evaristo-Guitars & backing vocals/ Blake MacReady-Drums/ Rod "Rocket" Holdstock-Bass & backing vocals. We are currently looking for a new singer to join the Adrenicide army. Yeah we all played in various bands but nothing worth mentioning.

MC: The cd I have is this your first recording and what do you think of it? Was it easy or tough going into the studio to do these songs?

Nuno: Our 7th album is due this month via Slaney Records and it will be called: "War Begs No Mercy". I personally think itís our best album so far, the songs are a bit longer than our previous releases and it has different touches here and there, but still sounds like Adrenicide. We've tried to add a few other influences on this new recordings and a lot of people will like the album, others will hate it, but when we are creating music we always want to do better or at least try as hard as we fucking can to make a better album. But I guess you can't please everyone...right? It was definitely the hardest album to write and we end up having 4 or 5 versions of every single song...then we just picked the one version we liked the most. We didn't try to make the songs longer, harder to play or anything like that, it just all happened that way. There's still a few short songs in there though.

MC: How did you come up with the name of the band and were many other band names thrown around before you came up with the current name?

Nuno: I had a few names like: Detonation, Scarecrow and other shitty ones that are not even worth mention, so we took the name Adrenicide from a song of a band me and Neil really like called "Head Of David". Adrenicide just seemed to fit like a glove, once that name came up we knew that was the one we were gonna take...fuck other names!!! plus i like one word names, you know? Venom, Razor, Sodom, Kreator. I'm not saying that I don't like bands with two names but for Adrenicide it felt better to just have one word name.

MC: How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it?

Nuno: That's a hard question to answer mate. How do I describe Adrenicide's music? Well for me itís just metal music the rest I leave for the fans to decide, I mean who decides what's good and whatís bad music? If James Hatfield said he loves Adrenicide's music the next day everybody would go out and buy our shit. We simply play metal music and the only one thing I can say is that we are influenced by artists from Black Sabbath to Venom or even early Motley Crue believe it or not. We all listen to all sorts of bands of course we listen to hardcore and punk bands the most but we like stuff like W.A.S.P, Ozzy Osbourne as much as we like D.R.I, Crumbsuckers, Cryptic Slaughter, Razor, Exhumer and many, many others...itís all heavy music to us mate. There's a lot of kids these days talking about posers and calling posers to everyone but back in the day people didn't give a shit about that, or at least I didn't. Punks went to metal gigs and metalheads went to punk gigs and so on. You know...Dimme Bag Darrel was a poser in the early days and so was Phil Anselmo but many kids don't even know that, fuck it. Who cares! Look at how the mighty Cronus looked like in the early days...those that make him less metal than anybody else? answer...no fucking way. When I was a kid I totally fucking worshiped Chris Holmes from W.A.S.P. (i still do!) and I guess he was a bit of a poser but he looked fucking hard and bad ass as fuck.

MC: Do you have a website and/or a My Space page and if you do what are the url's and what will people find when they go visit?

Nuno: We have a myspace page which is: www.myspace.com/adrenicide1 or you can go to our website www.adrenicide.com / you can find all you need to know like: discography, music, merchandise, pictures, downloads, biography, news, videos, reviews...

MC: How long does it take to write a song? Are lyrics important to the band? Are the songs/lyrics written by most of the band or just one or 2 members?

Nuno: Well that depends some songs take 5 minutes some a month some a week, it really depends on inspiration. The lyrics are very important on some songs, on others we like to just write a fucked up story about whatever shit we feel like, but mostly our lyrics are about, heavy drug use, alcoholism, violence, murder, psychos, police use of power and war. The songs are almost always written by me and the lyrics are written by Neil and me tough we writes more than I do. But anyone's idea is welcome without any fucking ego shit going on...

MC: What sort of music do you guys like to listen to in your spare time? Do you guys listen to any non metal music at all?

Nuno: As i said before we listen to all sorts of shit as long as it is metal, thrash, hardcore, death metal, some black metal. The bands include- Cryptic Slaughter, M.O.D., Atittude Adjustment, Ratos de Porao from Brazil, Discharge, I personally love old Napalm Death-"Scum" and "From Enslavement to Obliteration", but we also like stuff like Faith No More, Ozzy Osbourne, even Loudness from Japan which is a heavy metal/hard rock band. I mean my favorite songwriter musician of all times is Paul MacCartney. I also like classical stuff and Bossa Nova like Vinicious de Morais.

MC: Do you as a band have any set goals?

Nuno: Our goal is just to be able to make heavy and fast music that people can enjoy...the rest we all don't really give a fuck.

MC: Do you hope with this CD that you can maybe sign a deal with a record label and if so have you sent it to any labels and has there been any interest?

Nuno: Look we've release shit on: EBM Records, Denim & Leather Records, Slaney Records, and our own label Thrashard Records plus had lots of offers to choose from but we wonít give the publishing or song rights to any motherfucker that comes along with a thousand promises, so we do our deals very careful so we don't get ripped off by anyone or get stuck to any contracts. These big record companies fuck bands all the time and we don't want that to happen to us. The record labels we work with do a good enough job so we stick with them no problem. But if they fuck us about we can just pull the plug without having to think of any contracts we had signed. We've managed just fine so far haven't we?

MC: I love the CD and how has the response to it been so far?

Nuno: At the moment we are just waiting to release our new album so Iím not sure how it will all go, but it will do just fine has all others did I guess. The response as always been pretty good since day one with Adrenicide and we are very grateful to our fans the world over.

MC: Do you guys get to play live a lot and do you think youíre a good live band and do you have any videos posted up on say You Tube?

Nuno: We haven't played live for a few years now, due to not finding the right people and also the scene in England is fucking shit. But we hope once we find a new singer that will all change...

MC: Does the band practice a lot and stuff and about how many hours in a week are spent doing band related stuff?

Nuno: I'm always recording and writing songs everyday, but with the other guys we rehearse a few times a week.

MC: If you could be signed on any label, what label would it be and why?

Nuno: We don't want to be signed but we would do a deal maybe with Earache. Why? I don't really know maybe cos they've released some great shit over the years plus they are from England.

MC: Is there a healthy metal scene where you are at and do you have a pretty good following?

Nuno: NO!!!!!!!!

MC: Were any of the songs on the CD harder to write that the others? Did things go pretty smoothly in the studio for ya?

Nuno: No. Not really we always take our time when it comes to writing songs and we always have more songs than needed. but yeah when it comes to record them in the studio it can take a while and things can get hot in there...if you know what I mean! things get thrown at each other at times and I end up fighting with Neil always. It became common place so that's why we couldn't work together no more. But we still friends there's no bad blood at all. I just kinda like things done and no fucking about!!!

MC: Do you see thrash metal making a comeback?

Nuno: To me it never went away, EVER...

MC: Are there any things you would like to accomplish in the year 2011?

Nuno: More Thrash/Crossover....More METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MC: Any last words? Horns up for the interview and good luck with the band you guys crush.

Nuno: Thanks to our fans and thanks for the Interview.