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Crucified Mortals 


Crucified Mortals is a killer old school thrash band and after I heard the bands cd, a interview was a must. Here is the interview with this killer band.

MC: Where were you born and where did you grow up?
CM: I was born in Cleveland, Ohio, but grew up in Medina, Ohio.

MC: Did you always have a love for music at a early age?
CM: Not so much a love for music, started loving Rock N Roll when I was about
4 and then I found about Heavy Metal.

MC: When did you discover metal music in general and what was the 1st
underground band you heard and live show you went too?
CM: I discovered metal when I was 6 years old, not sure what the first
underground was that I heard, the band that I got into was Sacred Reich. First live
show I'm not sure who I saw.

MC: How did the forming of the band come together? Did you go through many
members before coming to the present line-up?
CM: Forming the band at first was easy, I got a guitar and a drum/bass
machine, then I wrote some songs and recorded the "Hung Out To Die" demo as one
person. Then I found another guitarist and we continued using a drum/bass machine
until we got a drummer. We then went to record in a studio, but it all just
fell apart from there, they both quit on me before we had anything finished, so
I'm stuck with a rough mix of one song. I then found another guitarist, who
didn't last long at all...it was then I was calling off Crucified Mortals, but a
few months later after hearing from Sebastian Dzialuk, who replying to an add
I posted before I called off the band, I decided to go ahead and do the band
again. After about a year of jamming together Novy agreed to playing bass for
the band's E.P. and Zach Rose came into the picture and they both went out of
it after the "Converted By Decapitation"
E.P. came out. Novy we knew was just going to record with us, Zach however is
another story. A few months ago I asked my good friend Adam Cudnik to take
upon Rhythm guitar and so, now we have the present line-up.

MC: How would you describe the band to somebody that doesn't know the band?
CM: Old School Thrash Metal.

MC: Lets talk about your cd a bit. How did you come up with the name for it
and where was it recorded and how much did it cost?
CM: Sebastian mentioned having a song being titled "Converted By
Decapitation" and then I thought it was also a great album title, so that's what it
became. We recorded it at Magnetic North Studio and it cost too much!

MC: What are some goals for the band? Do you hope with the cd, that it leads
to a deal with a good independent label?
CM: Goals are to: put out a vinyl version of "Converted...", record a
full-length album, do a split 7" with Spawn of Satan, and a split with Deceased.
Those are the goals of now, everything is already negotiated just haven't happened
yet. No I don't want to deal with record label bullshit, a small underground
label who wants to put out a record and call it a day that's what I want, a
record contract or "deal" is too much of a headache and would be a downfall to
this band.

MC: What have been some reactions to the cd as far as reviews go?
CM: They love it.

MC: Do you play live much? do you have a good following in the chicago area?
No we don't play live ever, however we'll be playing April 22nd in Cleveland.
To my knowledge a lot of distros sell our Cd in Chicago, do we necessarily
have a good following I have no idea.

MC: Is it hard to write songs and do you have to be in a certain mood to
CM: No it's easy to write songs, I don't have to be in any kind of mood, but
I have to have the right ideas.

MC: What are some of your favorite bands?
CM: To me having a favorite band means you like everything that they've done,
my answer to this question is I don't have favorite bands, I have favorite
albums. Some are:
Mercyful Fate- Don't Break The Oath, Kreator- Pleasure To Kill, Infernal
Majesty- None Shall Defy, Desultory- Into Eternity, Hobbs Angel of Death- self
titled, Magnus- Gods of the Crime, Sacred Reich- Ignorance, etc.

MC: What do you think of the scene today and what are some bad things about
it and what are some things that need to make it better?
CM: Terrible, everyone's about how much $, terrible bands, horrible outcomes
to shows. Things that would make it better would be to get rid of these
bullshit bands and go back to the love to play and hear metal, not make money and
sound like a computer band.

MC: Tell us about your website and what people will find when they go there.
CM: I do the web design for our site, You'll find everything you need to know
about us. What you won't find are CM screen savers, desktop themes, MTV like
music videos, flash intro and any other nonsense you can think of.

MC: How to you plan to promote the cd? are you shopping it to labels as well?
Well, since we've already been promoting the CD for 6+ months, the plan was
to trade with distros, send out promos to underground zines and that was about
it. That's what we've done...no we're not shopping for a label.

MC: How did you come up with the bands name?
CM: Just came to me one day.

MC: Do all the band members get along pretty well and what does each do when
away from doing band stuff?
CM: Yeah we all get along well. Sebastian owns a business and also has a show
every friday on a college radio station here in cleveland, Adam works his
part time job while he is currently enrolled in college, I myself work full-time
and in my time away from the band work on a lot of various metal related

MC: Do you practice and work on band stuff a lot during the week?
No not at all, i'm lucky to get a chance to pick up my guitar for 15 minutes
during the week. The other two i'm not sure what they do.

MC: If you could have your own label and sign 5 bands, which 5 bands and why?
CM: Technically I do have my own label, however it's an underground label and
I only release CM stuff. But to answer your question, I'd honestly not sign
any band because if they put out a shit album, I wouldn't want to be the one
who is responsible for giving the metal listeners that terrible album.

MC: Answer this question. somebody should buy one of your cds because:
CM: They like old school thrash metal and want to support underground bands.

MC: Any last words. thanks for the interview.
CM: Thanks for the interview and support. This summer we've got our "Kill
Upon Command" 7" coming out on Iron Bonehead Productions so be on the lookout for
that. Hammer the nails and thrash till your death!