MetalCore Issue # 31 finally available!
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Wow I am beyond saying any much words about this. Back in 2000 when I was still doing the print version of the zine and the zine was free on newsprint and I was rolling out 10,000 copies I was having a hard time getting ads to complete the issue. At that time I with making 10,000 free copies you were talking thousands of dollars I needed to just break even. I also at the time had the zine up on the web and that was where many zines were heading. After much debating back and forth I decided to scrap the print zine and just be all internet. The reviews from that issue were the 1st thing I put up on my website along with some interviews that were not interviews for issue 31. I still kept the cover, the ads and all the interviews for the issue in case I ever decided to release one last print issue.
Well this isn't the actual print copy, but it is as close as you can get and it is the actual issue minus the reviews. So sit back and read interviews with cover artists Sapphic Ode (Julee was one sexy singer let me tell ya), Static Fanzine, Prime Evil (if you ever come across their stuff buy it immediatley, great band) and an interview with record label X-Rated Records, who I think are now out of business, but put out some great releases.
I am sure I might shed a tear when I see this issue up on my website and MEGA THANKS to my webmaster Rob and the other band members in Necrodemon for making this a reality.
My fanzine celebrates 25 years this December 2011, and here is to 25 more!
Chris Forbes

Metalcore Fanzine # 31

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