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Slaughter Lord 

SLAUGHTER LORD were a cult band that never even released an album, yet are still talked about to this day. With the release of their demos on CD by Invictus Records (you can get it from Hammerheart out of Holland) I got this interview via email from Steve Hughes. The band just to let you know was around in 1987.

CF: How did the re-release of the Slaughter Lord material come about? Who contacted who? Was their any other labels interested? Are there any songs or tracks that are still un released?

SH: The SL release came about a few years ago...I was thinking of putting the old SL material out on CD for a while due to the constant demands for the 'Taste of Blood' demo from people who either had millionth grade cassette copies or who simply could not obtain a copy of it! I came to Ireland for various reasons and subsequently me up with Darragh of Invictus Productions when I was there who was just beginning to set up his own label. We became friends, he liked old SL and we decided to put it out. There are no more unreleased songs and there will be no more SL albums or releases of any kind. This CD documents the golden era of SL and the golden era of the underground scene...that's what it was designed to do.


CF: Basic question here. How did the band form and how did the Slaughter Lord sound evolve?

SH: How did the band form...? A hard question to answer with any real definition. We just got together as friends to play some Metal and have a good time. The line up was very hard to solidify in those days as there were few people into this music in Australia back then but we managed to get people together. The sound basically evolved around trying to be the ultimate in Thrash...fast, brutal and extremely aggressive...


CF: Was it hard being a band from Australia? What label did your stuff come out on originally? Did it ever come out on CD before this? Did anybody ever bootleg it?

SH: Being from Australia and being into Metal is fucking impossible. We are so far away from the rest of the world it is sometimes hard to make any impression or impact at all...I think all Aussie bands will agree with that. Our label was/is Invictus. That is the first and only label to release official SL stuff...this is the first time this stuff has come out on CD. There was a bootleg 7" with Morbid Angel from years ago that remains an obscurity but that's it really...I saw recently that somebody in America was trying to release a bootleg CD with SL stuff on it. Don't fucking buy it! It's a bootleg and has material that is available on the official CD...I am sure the quality will be substandard also...


CF: Did you get to play many shows? How did you promote yourselves back in the day? What were some cool and classic zines you read?

SH: We played a few shows in our time. The first ever show was in front of 1,000 fucking maniac headbangers! I am not joking...that was our first ever gig! Classic zines? I remember Slayer mag with a lot of affection...


CF: What were some of the bands that influenced your sound? Was it hard to write songs and did you all get along good as a band?

SH: Bands that influenced us? I guess all the early Heavy Metal stuff but in particular bands that inspired me were Metallica, Slayer, Kreator, Sodom, Mercyful Fate and Bathory to name a few... Amazing bands in their prime...It wasn't so much hard to write songs, getting the good ones out was the problem! We got on OK as a band...we had our differences and we were very young too...


CF: What led to the break up of the band? Do you still talk to any of the other members and did any of them move onto other bands?

SH: Youthful silliness lead to the break up of the band really. I still see some of the others from SL these days...I still get on very well with them.


CF: What have you been doing since the break up of the band? Does it amaze you that 13 yrs later your band is back out with a CD? Did you record any live shows for a possible live CD?

SH: After the break up of SL, I played in Mortal Sin for about a year and did their European and US shows with them, playing with Testament and Faith No More. Then after that I formed my own band called Presto which was electic rock music, not Metal at all. We did 2 albums and some extensive Australian touring with Presto and then split up. Soon after that I joined the Black/Death band Nazxul and went on to record a CD and a mini CD with them...I then moved to Ireland to pursue my career in stand up comedy, which I have been doing for about 6 or 7 years also! Over here in Ireland I did a lot of comedy and played in a mess covers band with Berserker from Destroyer 666 (who I was living with here bizarrely enough) and Nemtheanga from Primordial! There is one live tape around but it won't be put out officially...no fucking way!


CF: Have you followed the scene at all? Do you think many of the newer bands are missing that old feeling? Who is Kevin McFadden for who the album is dedicated to?

SH: I still love Metal...Morbid Angel, Emperor, Primordial, Angelcorpse, Nazxul, Destroyer 666 being some of my favorite bands of today. There is a different feeling amongst the newer bands for sure but it's good. I miss the old days alright...they were great days when the underground was alive and exciting...Things are good now too though. Some great music out there. Kevin was one of my best friends who died quite suddenly in a tragic way...


CF: What do you think of the internet? Any chance of the band ever doing a re-union show? Do you think if you did that you could write songs with that old feeling? Any bands today that you think that carry that old feeling?

SH: The net is cool, fascinating...No, no reunion shows whatsoever. the SL CD is a documentation of the SL years, not a new sign of life! It is the closing of a very important chapter in my life. There is no possible way we could ever recreate the feeling and the mayhem of those older songs, no fucking way! So why ruin things by trying?


CF: Is there or will there be a slaughter lord web site? What do you think of Kreator, Destruction, Venom and Sodom these days?

SH: I don't know if there will be a SL website, never really thought about it...SL doesn't really fit in with modernity so I don't think so...if someone wants to do one, fine, that would be ok... I like those older bands from when they were fresh and exciting. Not so much into what they do now although I respect their need to create music still burns in them.


CF: What do you think of black metal? What would you say your band sounds like? Do you think any of the newer, younger kids can appreciate the band when they hear your music?

SH: I like Black Metal...like Emperor, Mayhem and some others...it's a good, dark style of music.


CF: What were some of your best memories about being in slaughter lord and some of the worst? Were you sad to see the band go? How big to you think you could have gotten if you had stayed together?

SH: I don't know how big we could have been, that I really do not know! it would have been interesting to have seen how big we would have become though! I was very sad to see it split but that is life, I had to move on. I have some amazing memories from the scene back then, like being in touch with all the people I was in touch with, doing the demo, playing gigs. The worst memory? Splitting up I guess...


CF: Was there one or a number of things you wish you had done while the band was around? If you could go back and change some things what would they be? Were you like me back in the day always searching and looking for more underground metal all the time?

SH: Shit, that's a hard one to answer! I don't think I would change anything per se to be honest... I would have liked SL to have stayed together and progressed of course. I was always searching for quality underground bands, sure.


CF: Tell me about the concert with a 1000 people. Do you think you were a good live band? Ever see any bootleg videos of yourselves??

SH: I think we were good for our time...yeah.


CF: Does Invictus plan on doing any shirts or anything? What would you like the band to be remembered by?

SH: Darragh is working on some shirts right now...a limited edition of 50 or something. They should be cool I think...


CF: Well thanks for the interview the CD is crushing. Feel free to plug or say anything you wish

SH: Thanks to all who buy the CD...It's a tribute to the old underground from those long lost days in the 80's! Check it out if you like real raw Death thrash! Cheers for this interview...Thrash till fucking Death fuckers!

Steve Hughes
Email: hatework@eircom.net
You can get the CD through Hammerheart Records email addy is: hhr@xs4all.nl