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IMPIETY simply crush everything. They play a brand of old school death metal that is hard to beat. Of course I had to interview them. Pick up their "Skullfucking Armageddon" CD from me or them. If not your missing out big time. Here is a chat I had with Shyaithan and Dajjal


MC: How hard was it to form the band? I imagine there must not be a lot of people who play instruments in Singapore. am I right?

SHYAITHAN: In the beginning it wasn't too hard for me to get started...I mean I was playing with other demented and insane Wardemons from as far back as '87...but we played covers of early SARCOFAGO, HELLHAMMER, BATHORY, DESTRUCTION, SODOMfuckingSODOM...Arrggghhh....that was way before the diabolical birth of IMPIETY...! And those were the good old days of course!. There are many people here who are musically inclined but of course into trendy genres of music. (notgrim and wicked metal!). For a small population of 3 million inhabitants here, there are about close to 30 black/death/trash metal bands in the underground currently. And the very first Black/Death underground-band to release an official demo tape here was NUCTEMERON (rip) in 1988...and that demo totally fucking kills, it's totally inspired from the old SODOM "Obsessed by Cruelty" LP and old MERCILESS(Swe) vein!!


MC: You play old school death/thrash. how hard it is for you to come up with songs and do you like any of the newer bands or mostly the old gods?

SHYAITHAN: Ah ha...the older gods remain our mentors of course! Inspiration during our inception came from the godz SODOM, early SARCOFAGO,BATHORY, MORBID ANGEL, BLASPHEMY, early NECRONOMICON, early DESTRUCTION, VENOM, early KREATOR, ASSASSIN, early POSSESSED, SEXTRASH, DEAD CONSPIRACY, NECROVORE, INCUBUS(Fl.), NECRODEATH, early DARKNESS (Ger), EXUMER, fuck,...the list is endless! And of course we listen and support some newer bands too...IMPIETY plays Christfucking Nuklear War Metal!


MC: How was it for you in the studio? I love the sound on the CD, how do you get such a sound? Are you happy with the way the studio product came out?

SHYAITHAN: "Skullfucking Armageddon" was recorded early '99, at The Mastering Suite, it took 100hrs in all to complete the entire recording/mixing/editing and mastering process...The studio we desecrated is fully computerized with the latest killing technology...everything was digitally recorded directly using computer hard drives and the latest ProTools software. It was an experience for us because in the past we used the normal procedure of analog magnetic tapes...and then downloading everything to DAT...but at the new studio everything was recorded, mixed, edited and even mastered using the same software. It was hellfuckinghell of a new experience to us, but definitely an achievement and a giant, demonic step further! Although we had 2 good studio engineers at hand, it was I who assisted them in achieving such a Black, Raw-as-fuck, Nuklear Steelshredding Holocaust...and yes, the band is satisfied with the way everything came out but of course, being the creators, we know that there still could have been a lot more we could have achieved in that particular studio. In short, it's still the best album recorded from IMPIETY to date.


MC: How have you so far pushed the release? How have the reviews been?

DAJJAL: I have done what most labels do in terms of promotions.... ads, comp. CD features, promotional giveaways, etc. It is now up to the masses to believe what the reviews are saying, which I must say has been very positive!!! I can only hope we had so much more ads which would cost us a lot of money. I see a lot of potential in the release so I believe we can do a lot more in terms of sales. The limited edition version is almost sold out by now. As for reviews, it has been phenomenal!!! Impiety seem to have given a lot of people much of a surprise maybe 'coz they didn't expect such quality coming from a Singaporean band. I believe you think so too?!! I would also strongly recommend Sabbat from Japan. They are surely one of the best Metal bands to come from Asia. Do check them out when you have the chance 'coz they ultimately rule!!!


MC: Do you get to play live much? Do you have any kind of following at all in Singapore?

SHYAITHAN: IMPIETY has played a couple of times in the South East Asian region...destroying stages in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. The Hellhordes, Deathbangers, Wargoats here in Singapore have always given us a lot of support at every show we've played and likewise, throughout the region! This Anno2000 will see the band destroy more stages in South East Asia in the beginning of March...


MC: Lets talk a bit about the label. where do you get your CD's done? How far do you want to take the label and tell us a bit about the other bands on the label. are you looking for more bands?

DAJJAL: I get the CD's done in a very big company here. They do CD's for a lot of the bigger commercial labels here. I was lucky enough to know someone who used to work there so the prices are very reasonable indeed! As for the label, I would like to go as far as I can with it. It is an achievement for me if I gain a good reputation for what I have released and will release in the future! I can honestly say that we seek only quality in bands regardless of where they come from or which genre they belong to. This is a very important fact as more and more labels these days seem to disregard quality which to me is the only importance in a band! I am a very diverse music fan. I basically listen to everything from any form of rock music (Rush, Journey, Kansas, Dio, Black Sabbath, etc) to any form of metal music so my releases range a lot! Here's more info of what we've released so far...1)Death of Millions Brutal Traditional Death Metal the American way! This was actually previously released on tape by the band. I thought it was good so I released it again on CD with bonus tracks.2)Dim Mak Unconventional Killcore with members from the legendary Ripping Corpse and Torture Crypt. Ripping Corpse was one of my fav. bands so when I heard they reformed under the monicker Dim Mak it was only natural for me to approach them immediately. One of the guys from Dies Irae Productions, Nasir, knew Scott as they used to write back in around 1990. Dim Mak is definitely one of my fav. bands right now... to the death! They are a very good example of a quality band. It is sad that not many people are paying much attention to such greatness!!! The world must listen to this killer band!!!3)Impiety Well, I guess I can't say much on this one as I play the drums on Skullfucking Armageddon. It is therefore not for me to judge but if you still insist on info, I'd say Skullfucking Armageddon is a killer release!!! Heheh?!!4)Stargazer A killer blackened Death Metal band from Australia. Definitely worth checking out!!!5)Invocation Another killer Death Metal band from Australia. We'll present them to the masses in a split CD format with Stargazer. So check them out!!!6)Noumena A newcomer from Finland. They play melodic Finnish Death Metal. One of the best I've heard so far!!!7)Melechesh Originating from Israel. They play Epic Mesopotamian Metal like none I've heard before... which is a real achievement, I think. However, we haven't really signed them as we are plagued with financial problems at the moment. If situations get better, we'll definitely do their next album. A band that is definitely worth releasing!!!8)Tri-Ryche Our other signing from Singapore. These guys are highly skilled musicians. They play technical Progressive Metal. I would say somewhere close to Dream Theatre, Fates Warning and the likes. Yes, we are still looking out for more bands but we are more careful with signings now as we are almost booked till the first half of the year 2000. Would Immolation be interested? Heheh... I must say however that we still welcome bands to send in their demos for possible consideration for our future signings. We are at the moment looking into the Eastern European countries as they seem to have a healthy dose of great bands who seem to be neglected by most labels worldwide! So do write us at...Dies Irae Productions. Attn: Falmi. PO Box 337, Yishun Central Post Office, S(917612), Singapore.


MC: Do you plan on trying to get on a bigger label? What do the new songs sound like? Do you do any cover tunes?

SHYAITHAN: We are signed to Dies Irae Productions for one album release only...IMPIETY is looking to work with another label for the 3rd and upcoming album. So we are not signed at the moment. New songs in the works...Arrrggghhhh!!!! And of course, I can honestly tell you that they're totally 666 times more filthier, faster, heavier and savage then the war anthems on this second full-length! We usually play a cover or two from early DESTRUCTION, old POSSESSED, early BATHORY, early SARCOFAGO, old VENOM on stage.


MC: What do you think of the underground today? do you think it will get better or worse in the up coming year?

SHYAITHAN: The number of demonic talents, hellbangers, satanic steel terrorists in general have increased but also, more and more crap bands and wannabes are abundant...What more can I say about this year...or the next...? I fucking hate to think about it, let alone predict...I fucking hate that it's gone way too commercial today! Most of the blame goes to many new labels who will sign and boldly release any shit even if it's just to make a few fucking miserable bucks...Sad to say, it's money that makes and runs today's ironfucking scene. There are just a handful in today's underground who have/will always been true to the art and metal of blackest death!!!! And we fucking salute and sincerely Hail these few true maniac!!!


MC: Why do you think somebody should buy your CD? Plug your web site.

SHYAITHAN: We are IMPIETY, we wickedly slay and mercilessly sodomize all fucking trends!!!


MC: What are your plans for the label and the band in the year 2000?

SHYAITHAN: IMPIETY will keep battling and raging on from here forth...nothing fuckingstops us...! We are looking forward to possibly tour Europe/or the U.S. mid/late 2000. We are working on that. And also, hell yeah! A possible 3rd album for Anno 2000...!

DAJJAL: The label will keep signing quality bands and keep releasing quality music... again, regardless of where they come from and what genre they belong to!!!


MC: Any last words?

SHYAITHAN: Bestial Nuklear High Hails for the hellraping interview Chris and the Mighty Metal Core...!Slaughter-hard the feeble sheep of the Bastard-Christ and Uphold high, the banner of Hell, Steel and Blasphemy with pride and might...!!!

DAJJAL: I must thank you Chris, for your mightiest support!!! We at Dies Irae Productions really appreciate it! ...To many more years of conviction and dedication for Metal Core Fanzine!!!